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Lake not in favor of holiday in February

Throughout the race to pick a new premier of B.C., there have been plenty of ideas and suggestions kicked around by the various candidates.
Nature takes charge in the tropics — part 1

Nature takes charge in the tropics — part 1

“You do realize our Caribbean Cruise is during the hurricane season,” remarked my husband John a couple of months after our trip was booked and paid for. I shrugged it off with my usual optimistic thoughts. Besides, he was the one who had chosen this particular cruise!

Be aware and play safe this winter season

VICTORIA - Natural Resource Operations Minister Steve Thomson and Minister of Public Safety and Solicitor General Rich Coleman remind everyone to stay safe by using common sense and following the rules when enjoying outdoor activities this winter season.

Understanding food labels

As consumers, we are constantly bombarded with advertisements for ‘healthy’ foods. Unfortunately, we cannot always trust that the health claims on food packages accurately reflect the true nutritional quality of the food. Looking past the health claims and reading the Nutrition Facts Table and the Ingredients List, will give you a much more accurate picture of nutritional value of the product.
Essentials for winter backcountry travel

Essentials for winter backcountry travel

When setting out on any backcountry journey, always file a trip plan with a responsible person.