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TNRD libraries offers free summer reading programs for kids

Children will Savour Each Word when they join the 2011 Summer Reading Club for free at your local Thompson-Nicola Regional District library

High water - thrilling but hazardous

I thought that 2009 saw a huge spring run off, but during this year of 2011 it may be even higher
German cyclist travels to Alaska giving out souvenirs

German cyclist travels to Alaska giving out souvenirs

Klaus Lottgen of the city of Cologne (Köln) in Germany is making an unusual trip from Vancouver to Alaska. Instead of collecting souvenirs along the way, he’s handing them out

B.C. Parks introduces park bench sponsorship program

Interested in sponsoring a bench in Wells Gray Park? Three park benches (two at Moul Falls and one at Mahood Lake) are listed as part of the 100 Park Benches for 100 Years of B.C. Parks initiative
Spring flowers show their colors

Spring flowers show their colors

Searching for wild clematis in North Thompson Provincial Park we found it around the picnic area, and on the wild, steep trail above the Clearwater River

Eating breakfast of steel

Looking for healthy breakfast ideas? Trade in your box of breakfast cereal for some steel cut oats

New code wants solar hot water ready homes

Thirty-six B.C. communities have agreed to adopt a new building regulation that promotes the use of alternative energy
Antiques at Farmers' Market

Antiques at Farmers' Market

Local residents put on an informal display of old machinery

Tobacco companies sell smoking to kids through movies

Nowadays, we’re pretty smug about how well protected our young people are from the lure of tobacco advertising

All senses on alert on a small prairie farm

On the final night of our May trip to visit and travel with John’s cousins in southern Saskatchewan last year, I had to retrieve something from the car just before bedtime