Clearwater and TNRD release salaries and expenses

Total remuneration for Clearwater town council was $72,400 plus another $23,000 in expenses

Keith McNeill

During the June 20 town council meeting, District of Clearwater released the remuneration and expenses paid to each employee.

During the discussion it was pointed out that the figures are comparable to other communities of about the same size and far less than what is paid to equivalent positions in larger centers.

Top position on town council during the period of Jan. 1, 2016 to Dec. 31, 2016 was Mayor John Harwood. He collected $17,600 in remuneration plus another $1,200 in expenses.

All the other council members were paid the same remuneration of $9,144 for the year. Expenses ranged from $5,830 for councillor Ken Kjenstad to $800 for councillor Barry Banford.

Total remuneration for the elected officials was $72,400 plus another $23,000 in expenses.

Among the staff, chief administrative officer Leslie Groulx took home the most pay, at $111,000. She also collected $6,300 in expenses.

Next in line was recreation facilities supervisor Roger Mayer, who received $92,800 in remuneration and $2,600 in expenses.

Close behind him was director of finance Wesley Renaud. His remuneration was $92,400 and his expenses were $4,100.

Public works lead-hand Bryan Lipp took home $78,700 in remuneration while his expenses were $160.

Total remuneration for all employees, including those making $75,000 or less, was $1.08 million. Total expenses for staff was $13,300.

TNRD pay and expenses report

Over at the Thompson-Nicola Regional District, Mayor John Harwood collected $15,600 for acting as Clearwater’s representative (the amount the TNRD directors get paid depends on how far they must travel, among other factors). Harwood also collected $4,000 in expenses.

Carol Schaffer, TNRD director for Area A (Wells Gray Country), was paid $27,600 for her services, plus received another $14,600 in expenses.

The director for Area B (Thompson Headwaters, Willow MacDonald, collected $28,900 in remuneration. Her expenses last year were $16,700.

Total remuneration paid to the TNRD board of directors was $508,000, plus another $146,000 in expenses.

Most highly paid staff member at the TNRD was chief administrative officer Sukhbinder Gill. His remuneration was $212,000 plus he was reimbursed for another $19,000 in expenses.

Sherri-Lynne Madden, the services coordinator for Areas A and B, brought home $84,000 in remuneration plus another $12,000 in expenses.

Total employee remuneration at the TNRD was $8.2 million, plus another $190,000 in expenses.