Map from the TNRD shows East Blackpool covered by a rescind of an evacuation order. The rescind was issued late Thursday afternoon, July 20. The locality was one of three areas that saw their evacuation orders rescinded. All three areas still remain on evacuation alert, however.

BREAKING: TNRD rescinds evacuation order for three locations

Area around Hallamore Lake and Dunn Lake remain under evacuation order

Heavy rain showers on Thursday, July 20, appear to have caused Thompson-Nicola Regional District to rescind the evacuation orders issued for East Blackpool, a portion of the McCarthy Lake evacuation order area, and an area directly across the North Thompson River from Little Fort.

The rescind for McCarthy Lake applies only to that portion of the area covered by the original evacuation order that lies north and east of the junction of Auldgirth Road and Dunn Lake Road. As of Thursday evening, July 20, the remainder of the area, including McCarthy Lake itself, remains under an evacuation order.

The areas had been given evacuation orders on Saturday, July 15.

All three remain under an evacuation alert, however.

The areas around Hallamore Lake and Dunn Lake areas remain under evacuation orders as well.

An evacuation alert means people should be prepared to evacuate.

An evacuation order means it’s time to leave.

People wanting to confirm whether or not their property is included in the evacuation order rescinds should check the interactive map at the TNRD website:


Map from the TNRD shows area across the North Thompson River from Little Fort that has its evacuation order rescinded to an evacuation alert.

TNRD map shows area around McCarthy Lake that has gone from an evacuation order to an evacuation alert.