Saving valley livestock from the flames

By Jill Hayward – Barriere Star/Journal

Barriere resident Kevin Thalheimer is no stranger to wildfire or livestock. He has been a Barriere volunteer firefighter since high school, is good at handling livestock, and he has a truck and trailer that have been pulling double duty since Friday, July 7.

Volunteering to help evacuate livestock from areas threatened by the wildfires north of Barriere, he has been logging in only a few hours of sleep most nights, while picking up and transporting horses and other livestock to the fairgrounds in Barriere. He not only took on the job himself, but has also enlisted a number of other volunteers and has been coordinating a massive animal evacuation.

Thalheimer hasn’t stopped there, he also coordinates much of the hay deliveries required for feeding the critters, and assists with overnight security and arrivals at the facility.

Thank you to this young man for his dedication and contributions in this time of need.