Raft River students learn survival techniques

Grade 4/5’s from Raft River Elementary visit the Wolfwood wilderness school


Mrs. Allan’s and Ms. Gormley’s class of Grade 4/5’s from Raft River Elementary visited the Wolfwood wilderness survival and traditional skills school on the way to Wells Gray Park recently.

The students enjoyed the experience very much. They were treated to a walk on the property to learn a multitude of ways to use plants as medicine and food.

Deane White was a very informative instructor. Who knew cattails can be used to create flour?

The students were treated to little muffins that had cattail flour in them as well as a choice of homemade strawberry jam or Oregon grape jam.

The treat was followed up with homemade strawberry tea!

Tarn White taught survival techniques such as rope making. The students were thrilled to make a bracelet out of thinning bark off of a twig!

All in all, the students were thrilled to learn many techniques for bush craft and foraging skills.

The whole experience was well worth the drive and they can’t wait to visit again.

For more information on what this school can do for you contact: tarnthewoodsman@gmail.com