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Feline fine after fur-raising ride on Vernon fire truck

Stowaway cat catches a ride with firefighters
A kitten crawled inside the engine compartment of a firetruck at a crash Sunday, Nov. 27 and was discovered back at the firehall. (City of Vernon photo)

A little stowaway gave firefighters a suprise back at the hall over the weekend.

Vernon Fire Rescue Services had a busy weekend, with one call in particular resulting in a fur-raising ride for a little feline.

Firefighters responded to a motor vehicle incident on Highway 97 near Birnie Road Sunday around 2 p.m. As firefighters were busy assisting RCMP with traffic control, a bystander noticed a little black kitten near the scene.

After the incident was cleared, firefighters searched for the kitten but were unable to locate it.

A short time later, when the crew returned to the fire hall, they could hear muffled sounds of meowing that appeared to be coming from the fire engine. A search of the vehicle resulted in firefighters locating a kitten, stowed away in the engine compartment.

The kitten was safely removed and appeared to be in good condition, other than likely being a little nervous and hungry.

The crew helped care for the kitten overnight with food, water, and a warm place to sleep. The following morning, the kitten was taken to a local vet clinic.

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