Valley teams win first and second in Zones

Little Fort hosts Zone playoffs in preparation for provincial finals coming up in May

Adrienne (l) and Garth Campbell came second in the zone finals pairs event on March 26 in Little Fort. The couple live in Little Fort but were bowling for Clearwater at the event. Teams from 100 Mile, Interlakes, Barriere, Clearwater and Chase took part. Little Fort hosted but didn’t compete. Because Lillooet cancelled, the pairs playoff was done in one day instead of two.


Zone pairs winnersLeft: Donna Smith (l) of Barriere and Little Fort’s Sharon March took first place in the pairs event of the carpet bowling zone playoffs held in Little Fort on March 26. The provincials will be in Prince George the first week of May. Teams playing twos, threes and fours will be going. First and second winners from each zone playoff are eligible to compete.


Below: Little Fort carpet bowlers (l-r) Pete Verhoeven, Linda Verhoeven, Hector Denton and Jack Livingstone took second place in the fours zone playoffs in Little Fort on March 19 and 20.