Ski club holds Fun Day at end of season

“Everywhere you turned, people were having fun!” said Shelley Sim

Dustin Hurst looks a little wet but happy.

Dustin Hurst looks a little wet but happy.

“Everywhere you turned, people were having fun!” said Shelley Sim, one of the organizers of the Fun Day held at Clearwater ski hill on Saturday, March 22.

PinkHairThe action started on the bunny hill at 11 a.m., with mini slalom races, Chase the Bunny, a balloon relay challenge, and Ski Hard! (radar ski speed).

This was followed by the main events, such as the Big Hill slalom race, Need for Speed (radar ski speed), tube races, Dummy Dash, Tricks and Flips, and the Infamous Slush Pit!

On the deck, there was the Mellow Jell-o Blindfold Challenge, the Root beer Chug, and Suck a Smartie with a Straw.

Tons of people enjoyed the playlist of the 1980s while visiting on the deck or cheering on the participants. Kids were kept entertained for hours at the Treasure Pile, which was a largeSlalom pile of snow with buried treasure.

Sim noted that this season the ski hill was open over 45 days, hosted in excess of 580 students as part of the Ski School Program, and saw significant increase in ski rentals thanks to the Community Forest Grant that allowed for the purchase of $10,000 worth of new equipment. However, the biggest jaw-dropping stat is that the ski hill saw over 5,500 hours of volunteer time and close to $23,000 worth of corporate good will and grants (including the Wells Gray Community Forest Grant).

“Wow!” said the usually understated Sim. “These numbers are approximate and on the conservative side – it will be astounding when we do a year end summary,” she added.


Clearwater Ski Club executive would like to extend sincere appreciation to the many people that supported the ski hill this year and would like to highlight that this community asset is only made possible thanks to generous volunteer and corporate support.

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