Season 11 poker news

jWinner of Season 11 was Fred Roach with 6,100 points, followed closely by Cindy Doerkson at 6,050

Goldie Krawec

Another season of poker has been played and the winner of Season 11 was Fred Roach with 6,100 points.

He was followed closely by Cindy Doerkson at 6,050, Goldie Krawec 5,950, and Jerry Cotterhill 5,425, Jeff Kuhn 4,825, Rick Dee 4,750, and Dave Ek and Nathan Mikkelsen tied with 4,300 each.

Wild card winner was Justin Morrison, who won the position on the last week of play.

A season of poker is a selected number of weeks of play, ending with a season tournament. Players collect points each week during the season and the top eight players, in descending order, are the tournament players. The exception is when any one of the top eight players are unable to play; then the next player is chosen in descending order of points gained during the season.

Season 11 Poker Tournament was held Wednesday, Sept. 24 with nine players. As some of the top eight players were unable to attend, alternate players were picked in descending order of points earned during the past eleven weeks to fill the tournament table. A fun poker table was also available for others.

In past tournaments it was not unusual for an alternate player to place well or even win the tournament. Season 11 Tournament winner was Millie Rempel, with Jerry Cotterhill second and Goldie Krawec third.

There were many exceptional hands played but I think one of the least expected was a hand played with the table cards of 3, 4, ?, Q, 5. At showdown the winning hand had Ace, 2 suited, thus winning the hand with 5 high straight. The two opposing hands did not stand up to this straight.

One person commented, “Who would play a hand like that?”

Many new players drop in for an evening of play as they are working locally for a week or two and try their hand at a live game. Other locals join in for their social event of the week, meeting people from different professions, places, ages, and trying to outwit the regular players. Play always starts slow, with everyone feeling out their weekly opponents carefully. This past season 33 players participated in the weekly competition.

Texas Hold’m Poker game is held each Wednesday evening at the Wells Gray Inn starting at 7 p.m. sharp. Everyone is welcome to join in to learn the game and have an evening out at no cost for the game. New players need to register before playing.


Play for Season 12 started on Wednesday, Oct. 1. The next Wildcard night will be Dec. 10, with the Season 12 Tournament on Dec. 17.