Playing keep-away

Clearwater Novice Raptors take on Chase in two exhibition games at the Sportsplex

Lars Dowker takes the puck away from an opponent.

Lars Dowker takes the puck away from an opponent.

Clearwater Novice Raptor Lars Dowker keeps the puck away from an opponent during one of two exhibition games against Chase at the Sportsplex on Sunday. The Raptors had smiles and had a great time, despite losing both games. Sophie Collins scored the only goal for Clearwater, during the first game. The team’s goalie, Tyler MacDonald, put in admirable effort. The two teams will meet again on Jan. 19 in Chase for a tournament game.  The Novice home tournament will be held Jan. 30-31.


ColeLeft: Cole Dulaba takes the puck up the ice while Chace Smith stands by to back him up during one of the two games against Chase on Sunday.







Below: Sophie Collins (centre) and Alistair Roy take possession of the puck.