Female hockey group approaches rec committee for new change rooms

New women’s changing rooms could be coming to the Sportsplex in Clearwater

New women’s changing rooms could be coming to the Sportsplex. A delegation of female hockey players got some movement in that direction after making a presentation to District of Clearwater’s parks and recreation committee last Tuesday afternoon.

Based on the committee’s recommendation, town council voted Tuesday evening to use money from the Sportsplex reserve fund to build new or expand the existing female change rooms.

“Forty per cent of minor hockey is now female,” observed councilor Christy Dobi. “The number of co-ed teams is increasing, as is the number of female officials.”

“Our Sportsplex is sought after by more and more organizations, including regional hockey tryouts,” she said. “It’s sought after because of its central location and its great ice. We need better change rooms.”

Mayor John Harwood said that a project proposed about one year ago to expand the change rooms would have cost $800,000. That project included conference rooms above the change rooms and could be scaled back to something more affordable.

The exact amount the District would have to spend would depend on how much money is available in grants from other levels of government.

“Girls did not play on hockey teams when the Sportsplex was built in 1973,” Harwood said.

Because the Sportsplex is jointly funded by District of Clearwater (60 per cent) and Wells Gray Country (40 per cent), the matter will also be referred to the Wells Gray Country services committee.