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Ceremony opens provincial softball championships

Teams from all over B.C. gather as Clearwater hosts the U12 and U16 provincial softball championships

Cory Warner, who grew up playing softball in Clearwater, throws the first pitch to officially open the U12 and 16 provincial softball championships. Warner has played the last three years with the Houston Carnage fastball team in Texas.


Left: Softball BC rep Durvene Gal speaks with MC Ken Kjenstad during the opening ceremonies at DurveneKenCapostinsky Park in Clearwater.



Right: Hanna Elliot, age 12, sings O' Canada to begin the opening ceremonies for the U12 and U16 championships.Hanna sings





Left: An embarrassedlooking Odessa Cutt smiles as the Ref birthdaycrowd sing "Happy Birthday" during the opening ceremonies. The Summerland referee was celebrating her 20th birthday.