Youngsters write Christmas stories

See the entries from Kindergarten to Grade 3 in the Times' Christmas story contest

The following are the entries in the Times’ Christmas story contest from students in Kindergarten to Grade 3 or Division One. You can see the winning entries for both divisions here.


One Christmas Eve

One Christmas Eve Santa woke up from his long sleep and he went to tell the elves that they had about a day to finish the toys.

When Santa was walking out of the toy shop a toy robot fell and hit Santa on the head. He forgot pretty much everything. He ran to his room and put shorts on and packed a beach chair and went to Paris. Then an elf named Cris had to take Prancer to find Santa.

When they found him he was riding a surfboard on a wave in Paris. Cris grabbed Santa’s hand and brought him to shore and dropped him on the sand. Santa stood up and then Cris threw a magic snowball at Santa. When the snowball hit Santa he remembered he was supposed to be delivering toys.

He told Cris to get Prancer and take them home to the North Pole. Santa made it and delivered all the presents in time.

By Theron McLarty, Grade 3


The Penguins

Once there was two little penguins. They were lost.On this very cold winter day, the penguins became scared when they realized how lost they really were. They thought their parents would never find them.Then, they saw something glowing. It was a magical glow bug. He said, “I will get your home on one condition. If you promise that you will let me stay for a little while.”The little penguins answered, “ We will!.”They went to sleep in a cave.

Then they heard a squeak. It was a mouse! They screamed and the mouse was frightened by all the screams!The mouse said, “Don’t be afraid. I am just a mouse.”“What! I never knew a mouse could talk!” The mouse replied, “ I am not just any mouse. I’m a magic mouse.”Then the penguins said, “What?” It was silent for a moment. Then finally, Flip (one of the penguins) said, “Wait a second! How could a mouse be magic?”The mouse replied, “Well, this is going to be a magical Christmas.” Flap (the other penguin) asked, “What do you mean?”.The mouse answered, “Well, there will be a lot of Christmas spirit.” The penguins wanted to know what Christmas spirit was. The mouse explained that Christmas spirit is when people sing Christmas carols, and believing in Santa.

The Penguins began to understand. So, their first Christmas was about to happen and the penguins went to bed in their cave. In the morning, they had their first snow fall and the penguins were super happy.The glow bug said they should make breakfast.

They decided to make eggs. Where do we get the eggs? Well, from a bird.Actually, said the glow bug, “That sounds fantastic!” Flip and Flap were stoked to have eggs, but what they didn’t’ know was that the egg was full of special potion that brought Joy to anyone who ate them.After eating the eggs, everyone felt so happy and they had the best day ever. They felt gratitude and happiness. Then the mouse said, “Squeek.” which meant to get everyone’s attention.

The mouse declared that she had a great sleep. Flip and Flap were glad to hear that. All of the little travellers decided to make their way, and found themselves in the Candy Cane Forest.It was magical. It was amazing. After a bit more travelling, Flip and Flap realized they were getting closer to home.Then, they saw their mom and dad. The penguin parents were so happy to see their two penguin children.“We were so worried and missed you so much!” said the penguin parents said they had a present for them. It was a mouse.The penguin children said they had a mouse to give to their parents, too!

The penguin family couldn’t wait for Christmas. And from what we know, it was a magical mousy Christmas.

By Nessaya Joseph, Ms. Amber Horne’s Gr 2/3


A Present that Made a Girl Happy

One day there was a little girl named Sally. She had a big sister named Annie.

Sally was feeling sad because they moved before Christmas and she missed her old home and Grandma. Her parents went to the pet store and Annie was looking after Sally.Then the parents went to the pet store and they got a kitten for Sally.

They put the kitten into a box and then they wrapped the box in Christmas wrapping and put a bow on top. In the morning they gave the present to Sally and when she saw it she wanted to name the kitten Fuzzy. Sally now felt happy in her new home because she had the kitten.

By Madison Sicotte, Grade 2


The Elves Deliver the Presents

On Christmas Eve in the North Pole Santa started to get the sleigh ready. Just before he took off to deliver the presents he started to get the flu.

Santa got out of the sleigh and the elves put him to bed.The elves started the sleigh and checked the naughty and nice list and then they took off.

The elves delivered the presents to the nice children and parents.They they brought Santa cookies and eggnog from the houses. Santa was feeling better and had a feast with Mrs. Clause and the elves.

By Ricky Haring, Grade 3


The Present

It was Christmas and she had to go to bed. She said, “I wonder what I’ll get for Christmas? Maybe a doll.”In the morning, Mommy Owl got her some breakfast then went outside and played in the snow.

She said to Mommy Owl, “What did you get me for Christmas?”. Mommy Owl answered, “I can’t tell you.” “Why?” answered Little Owl. “Because it is suppose to be a special surprise.”

After a while, they built a snowman. Mom said, “Why don’t we go open some presents?”. Little Owl opened her present. She was so excited to see what Mommy Owl gave her.In the box were two stuffy owls.

One looked just Mommy Owl. The other looked just Little Owl. It was the best present ever.

By Cadence Cisna, Grade 2/3 class


A Special Christmas

It was Christmas and everyone was at Momma and Pappa’s house. Mom and Daddy and Osha opened their presents.It was a special Christmas because Osha and her parents were moving to Prince George the next day.

By Osha Tobin, Grade 3


Liea and Angala and the Magic Snowflake

Once upon a time there was a girl named Liea and she had a friend angel whose name was Angala. Angala was kind and she gave Liea a magical snowflake to use when ever something gets lost. One day Angala got lost in a forest so Liea used her magical snowflake.

The snowflake had a note when she grabbed it. It said in the Spring it will melt a bit it will come back in the Winter. So when she was done reading she got everything and she went to go find Angala.

She was thirsty and hungry but mostly very very very tired but she did not want to stop she was worried and she will never give up on her best friend.So she kept going and then she saw her and Angala ran up to Liea and they ran home and they lived happily ever after.

Bailey RotzetterGrade 2


The Best Christmas Present Ever

One Christmas I didn’t know what to ask for. Mom said maybe I should ask for a stuffy. I thought i already had lots of stuffies.Then the phone rang. I picked it up and gave it to mom. After she was done talking, I asked who it was.

She said it was my friend, Bailey. Her mom wanted to know if you wanted to come and play. I told her I would. So, after school I took the bus with Bailey to her house. When we got to her house we went in her room. I asked Bailey what she wanted for Christmas.

She asked me what I wanted. I told Bailey, “I didn’t’ know.”After a week later, I thought of something I would like for Christmas. I went upstairs to tell my mom that I would like arrows for my bow. She said maybe next year.That’s when I thought of something; i didn’t’ want to tell anyone. Soon it was time for dinner. I went to bed. I thought for a couple of minutes. I thought that wasn’t what I wanted for Christmas.So, now I was really stuck! Days past.

And still I did not know what to ask for, for Christmas.It was Christmas Eve. I was so excited. Meanwhile, my sister was asking Lego. The day went by and I lay in my bed thinking for a little while. I stayed up so long that I fell asleep and I didn’t even know.When I woke up I went to the living room. I looked under the tree.The mammy and daddy came and woke up Simone. We saw all the presents. We sat down to open the presents and I took a present that was for Evan (me) from Santa.

It was a large box. We opened our presents at the same time. I untied the big red bow. I ripped off the wrapping paper an took off the lid an there sat the cutest little adorable puppy. It was the best Christmas Present Ever.

By Evan Colborne, Ms. Amber’s Grade 2/3


Santa in the Woods

On Christmas Eve at my house my family was eating dinner. We were eating potatoes, celery, lettuce, chicken and turkey. After dinner we were feeling full so we went for a walk.

We went down to the park and I got lost in the woods and found Santa, his sleigh and his reindeer.The sleigh had fallen from the sky because it did not have enough magic. I helped him out.We tried to find more magic and found it in a jar between trees. Santa sprayed the magic back onto the sleigh.

The sleigh started up.Santa helped me find my family and we kept walking and I saw Santa flying in the air. Santa delivered me the best present ever and finished giving the kids presents.

By Ashton Hansen-Wilm, Grade 3


A Special Tea Party

It was Christmas time and Baby Alive had a tea party at the water slide park. Sara, Ellie, Bailey, Emma and Josie went down the white slide.

They were wet and having fun.Then they took their life jackets off and put on dry clothes. Baby Alive made them pancakes to eat. It was a happy day.

By Josie Lever, Grade 2


Santa and his Reindeer

In the North Pole on Christmas Eve Santa went to get his sleigh ready and realized his reindeer were tired.

Santa needed to go but Santa’s reindeer didn’t want to go so Santa tried to feed them carrots but they didn’t want any. So Santa waited in his shop and he waited until he realized he had to feed them pizza.

At last he delivered the presents because he fed the reindeer and they could fly now.

By Riley Munson, Grade 3


The Magic Hat

It was the night before Christmas Eve and all the elves were asleep. But the evil elf was lurking around and found Santa’s magic hat. The hat was the thing that held the Christmas magic.They called the evil elf Mr. Bad. Mr. Bad cursed the hat.

Mr. Bad saw the sun rising and he ran back to his cave. Santa got up and he couldn’t find his hat he yelled sound the alarm sound the alarm. So all the elves ran to Santa.Santa said my hat is gone there is black dust everywhere. He called up Mia and Elly he sent them out to go find his hat.

So Mia and Elly got their wrapping paper guns and they called there pet Snowy the owl and they went out to go find Santa’s hat.They found a dark cave. Mia said Elly you go first Elly said no you go first. So they went in together. Mia turned on her flashlight and she saw more black dust so they went deeper into the cave. Then they heard a chuckle. Mia said I know that laugh.

Then he came out of the dark he had one red eye and he looked very old. Mr. Bad said bye bye and he shot a net at them.Then Elly called Snowy. Snowy came flying in and cut the net with her beak. Mia and Elly jumped out of the net. Mia shot wrapping paper at Mr. Bad and Elly put a bow on his head. Then they found a spell book. Mia said break this curse.

Break this curse. And the spell was broken. Mia grabbed Santa’s hat and they ran back to Santa’s workshop. Santa was so happy. And Mr. Bad was locked away forever. And Santa gave all the presents to the children.The End!!

By Lily Adamson, Grade 3


Bob and the Cat

It is a month before Christmas. Bob wanted to buy his mom a cat. He gets a job at a pizza place to save his money. He saved 200 dollars and bought the cat.

He gave it to his mom two weeks before Christmas. She gave him a hug and a kiss because she was really happy.

By Lucas Jones, Grade 3


A Problem at the North Pole

One snowy night in the North Pole Santa and his elves were at the work shop.They were all elves except one. His name was Buddy the elf. He was pretty big for his age. It was Christmas eve.

One good kid named Nick wanted a remote control.The only big problem was there was only one elf to do it. It was Buddy. Of course he knew how to make toys, but he could not make remote controls. The problem was that he made a teddy bear. I mean it was cute, but not what he wanted.One day Nick was playing hockey against another team.

He won. At the end of the hockey game, the team, all of them, got a mini hockey stick. There was a bully who was on the naughty list.Santa left in his sleigh. It was too late to swap the teddy bear with a remote control.The elves were at Santa’s Shop celebrating.

Buddy tried to warn them. One elf listened to him and stopped the party and told everyone. They all cried. The elves tried to make a new toy but Santa was already in New York where Nick lived. There was two reindeer.It turns out that reindeer food makes you fly. By the time that the elves were done wrapping the box in wrapping paper the reindeer were already flying.

The elves were on the reindeer. They got to New York City. They could not find Nick’s house.Now, after a few minutes they found it. Buddy gave Santa the present. The elves were happy and Nick was happy on Christmas morning.

by Chace Smith, Grade 2


One Christmas Eve

On Christmas Eve in the North Pole Santa was about to deliver presents but looked at the homes and he saw too many.He got his elf Gummybear to help him deliver presents using his little sleigh.

Santa used the big sleigh. Santa and Gummybear got all the presents to all the houses.

By Owen Christensen, Grade 2



One magical Christmas night a baby owl was born. She was the smallest owl in the whole forest. But she was the cutest.Her name was Snowflake. After Snowflake was born her mom flew away and Snowflake never saw her again.

When Snowflake was one year old she saw a fox. Snowflake tried to fly away but she didn’t know how to fly.Right before she jumped off her branch the fox said hi. But snowflake didn’t answer. Then the fox jumped up and said do you want to be friends.

Then Snowflake said sure. So the fox said you fly and I run. But I can’t fly said Snowflake. Then I’ll teach you said the fox.Get on my back I will take you to the perfect spot for flying said the fox. Ok said Snowflake. While the fox was running they bumped into an elf her name was Trixy.Snowflake said hi. Do you want to help teach me?

Teach you what said the elf? Flying said Snowflake. OK said Trixy. So Snowflake got on a branch and jumped off. She flew just a tiny bit and crashed.How come I can’t fly? Third times the charm. Ok said Snowflake. So she tried again and she was flying. Yay yay yay said the fox. Yay yay said Trixy.

Snowflake was so happy. So she flew higher and higher and super high till she dropped.She never flew again unless she had to. Snowflake is sixteen years old now. She is the biggest owl in the forest now. They lived happily ever after.

By Ava Schwartz, Grade 3


One Christmas Night

One snowy Christmas night me and my friends were having Christmas dinner. We were all wearing Christmas sweaters. Half of my friends wanted to go outside and play and the other half wanted to stay inside.

They wanted to stay inside because they thought they could open all the presents without the people outside. Santa came and used his magic to take the people inside an put them outside.

The people that were inside realized that they shouldn’t open all the presents because the other people wouldn’t get to open any presents. They all stayed outside for two hours and then went inside for desert. They had ice cream and cookies.

They went back outside and waited until it was Christmas morning to open the presents.

By Tristan Cool, Grade 2


The Christmas Miracle

On Christmas night there was a cat named Luna and she had a friend named Max and she was Santa’s pet cat. Every year she helps Santa deliver the presents with her friend Max.

One of the reindeer went to fast so she fell off and Max told Santa that she fell off the sleigh. Santa then turned the sleigh around and picked her up and they had a good time.

By Olivea Wall, Grade 2


The Best Christmas Present Ever

It was Christmas morning and Keely woke up. She looked out her window and looked at the snowy forest. Then she looked at her stuffy santa.“Santa”, she shouted, “That means it’s Christmas”.Keely ran down stairs, but she ran so loud that Keeley woke up her parents.

Then Keeley stopped and said, “Sorry”.Then, Keeley heard a bark and a whine. She walked slowly and saw a black and white spotted box. Keeley carefully opened the box, there was a black puppy curled up.She almost screamed. “I’ll call you Pepper.” Keeley said.

She told her mom and dad. They did not believe her so she took the box careful put Pepper on the wet floor from the crack on the roof.Then they believed her. Keeley’s mom said they couldn’t keep Pepper. They protested. Keeley picked up Pepper and Pepper licked Keeley with love and admiration.Keeley’s parents yawned, then they said, “Fine. You can keep him.

”We’re going to have so much fun. She went for a walk and Pepper jumped out of the Keeley’s arms. Keeley yelled, “Pepper!”. The puppy stopped. Looked at her and came right back.

It was a miracle how well the puppy listened. The parents couldn’t believe it.It was the best present ever.

By Natasha Brcko, Grade 2/3, Ms. Amber Horne


A Special Present

It was Christmas morning at mommy and grammy’s house. Grammy, Mommy, Daddy, Grampa and Sara were sitting by the Christmas tree ready to open presents.

Everyone had bought shopkins for Sara, but when it was time to open the presents they were gone.They searched for them everywhere, but could not find them.

Sara was sad. Then she saw a special present under the tree. It was a spider! Sara played with her new spider and she was very happy.

By Sara Schulte, Grade 2


The Crazy Christmas Present

One magical Christmas Santa was on his way to the cabin on the mountain, where Brody and Isiah lived.Santa looked back and the presents fell out so Santa and his reindeer flew down to get them.

They got stuck on the tree branch and when Brody woke up he went to the Christmas tree and there were no presents! Isiah and Brody said “There’s no presents!”Isiah and Brody walked outside and went down the hill. Santa was there and said his reindeer ran away with the presents.

So, Brody and Isiah said they would go get their snowmobiles and go get the reindeer. Isiah heard something and it was the kid that found the reindeer.Brody took the kid home and Isiah brought the reindeers to Santa and Santa said, “Thanks, but you have coal for a Christmas present.”

Brody and Isiah said “But, we were good!”Then Santa said, “Just Kidding! Brody, you get a dirt bike and Isiah, you get a rifle.” Then Santa said with a grin, “I’m going home. Ho!Ho!Ho!

By Torin Murray, Grade 2/3 class


The Big Present

There were these two little girls their names were Willow and Matty and they wanted a really big present from their moms and dads.

It was the morning on Christmas Eve and the two girls woke up their parents and they all went downstairs to open their presents under the Christmas tree.

But there was something wrong. Willow and Matty didn’t see a really big present under the tree. They were opening the last present and then Willow saw a huge present.When Matty saw it she was jumping up and down and they were so happy.

By Katie Biagioni, Grade 3


The Super Christmas

Once there was a home in the mountains and two bad boys named Tarin and Isiah lived in it. They woke up on Christmas morning and they found coal in their stocking.

The bad boys cried and cried.Tarin found a note ant he table from Santa.

It said, “Dear Tarin and Isiah, Since you have been so bad this year, I have given you both coal. If you want presents you have to do something kind for someone.Sincerely, Santa.”

The boys looked out the window and saw an old lady shovelling snow off her driveway. They decided to help the old lady. After they were done, she said, “Thank-you. You are really nice boys.”

Then, she gave them some cookies and they went home. The boys went to bed. The next morning they woke up and they found a PSR under the tree. Tarin and Isiah were so happy and made a promise to themselves to always be good.

By Brody Wynne, Grade 2/3 class


On Christmas Night

On Christmas night at the North Pole Santa realizes there are too many presents to deliver.

Then Alvin came along and helped him. Alvin put the presets through the chimney and they landed in the right spot. Santa and Alvin made it to every single house and delivered all the presents. Then they went back to the North Pole and drank hot chocolate.

While they were drinking hot chocolate they found a present in the sleigh.Santa and Alvin delivered that last present in time. Then they went back to the North Pole and fed the reindeer and checked on the elves. They noticed it was twelve o’clock and they went to bed.

By Jacob Jensen, Grade 3


The Best Christmas Present Ever

One snowy night there was a girl named Sofy. She said she wanted to go camping. The next day her mom said we are going camping.Then they started to pack up and had breakfast.

Then they started to put their camping gear in the car and they drove off.When they got there they started to unpack. Then she said she would go and explore. Then she fell down a hole and found Rudolph then all of a sudden she found Santa!

When they got to the campsite mom saw Santa and she screamed. But sooner or later she sat down at the fire and had milk and cookies with Santa and me.

Lilly-Anne Charles, Grade 3


Christmas Morning

There was a boy walking down the street on Christmas Eve. He heard a noise coming from a building. He found out it was Santa in the building.He went in and he saw Santa. He sat on his lap and wished for presents.

Then he went home. He was feeling happy and excited. He went into bed and went to sleep.The next morning he went to the Christmas tree and he saw the present he had wished for.

He said “Yes, yes, yes” because he was so happy.Santa watched the boy open his present from the chimney secretly. After the boy opened his present Santa and his reindeer rode back home.

By Milo Hindle, Grade 3




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