Students write Christmas stories

The following are the entries in the Times' Christmas story contest from students in the Grade 4 to Grade 7 division

Students write Christmas stories

The following are the entries in the Times’ Christmas story contest from students in the Grade 4 to Grade 7 division. The stories from the Kindergarten to Grade 3 division are here. You can see the winning entries for both divisions here.

Christmas Spirit

Hi my name is Jake, I love skateboarding. My dad is an architect. He builds super cool things like sky-scrapers and fancy hotels.

As for my mom, she died of bone cancer when I was five (the same kind of cancer that Terry Fox had). We live in a huge white marble mansion in London, England.

I love my life, I have a personal maid whose name is Haily.

So anyways it all started the morning of one cold Christmas Eve. I was solving a 1000 piece puzzle of Seattle, snuggled up in my favourite yak hair blanket by the cozy warm fire sipping a hot cup of coco with marshmallows floating on top of it.

“Jake!” My dad yelled, “breakfast.”

“OK. Dad”, I answered.

We were having waffles, fresh-squeezed orange juice,and whipped cream with a side of strawberries “yummmm” I thought.

As we ate my dad was going on and on about who knows what. I wasn’t really listening. After waffles I went up to my room to check on my pet gold fish, “Tommy”.

“Hey Tommy” I quietly sighed “It’s Christmas Eve and I haven’t seen dad like … at all this year”.

“blub, blub, blub, blub,” Tommy replied.

“Huh” I sighed “I just want a mom.”

On Christmas morning I raced down the long stairs at record speed taking them three at a time. I ran into the living room where my dad was sitting with Haily in red velvet chairs.

“Hi Dad, Hi Haily” I exclaimed.

“Hi Jake,” they replied together in unison. I ran over to the tree that was piled with a huge assortment of presents I decided to open the biggest one first after lots of presents and lots and lots of wrapping paper I saw one small envelope from: my dad?!!

I opened it up to see what was inside, there was a small card that read: This Card Entitles You To Own the Cristler Bellman building.

“Are you happy”? My dad questioned.

“yes are you kidding me?!! Overjoyed!! But I am kinda lonely and Christmas is just not… as fun as it use to be. what I am saying is I don’t really care about any of these presents because I can’t be really happy without having a family to share it with.

My dad just smiled and said “One step ahead of you son, one step ahead of you.”

“What does that mean dad?” I asked.

“It means that me and Haily are going to get married in two weeks'”.

“Oh dad thank-you, thank-you .. thank-you! Now I will have some family to spend Christmas with”!!!

By Reid Muddiman, Gr. 4, Mrs. Allan’s class


An Adventurous Christmas Eve

One Christmas Eve Simon was laying in bed when he heard the clip clop of hooves on the roof of his house. Immediately he ran out to investigate what was going on and soon found that there was a red sleigh on his roof.

Simon climbed on to the roof and saw that it was Santa’s sleigh, so after looking around for awhile he hopped in and two minutes later was cruising at 50 000 feet over the Pacific.

Then he realized that there were no presents in the sleigh and since he could not possibly be the last person to get a gift in the entire world, he thought that Santa must work for the CIA. Instead of delivering presents he goes around setting up cameras and microphones so that the CIA can look in on anyone that they wanted. Simon didn’t like that idea so after bribing Santa with food to get more information he flew to CIA headquarters using directions from Santa.

Once there he went straight to John who is the head of the CIA, but before Simon could say anything, John tried to shoot him. Simon managed to dodge it and get away before security got there. He knew now that it was pointless to try and talk so he decided that he would sneak back into CIA headquarters and destroy the controls.

So he grabbed some C4 and flew back, but before he could finish setting up the explosives John came in with a security team. They filled the room with tear gas, but through the haze Simon got past them.

John saw him though and they started after Simon but he made it to Santa’s sleigh and detonated the explosives. Then Simon went home and he gave the sleigh back to Santa so that he could go back ot delivering presents instead of working for the CIA. And so Simon woke up on Christmas knowing that he had given Santa the opportunity to bring joy to the world again.

By Matthew Lavigne, Grade 7


The True Meaning of Christmas

There was a needy family of four. They loved Christmas a lot. Every year they got so many PRESENTS!!!

Their mom and dad were so mad! Because every year they say I want this, I want that. They were sick of it! They had enough of their greediness.

They had a plan this year. …. The night before Christmas Grandma Nferry and Grandpa Scot always brought the kids toys and candy the kids loved it so much.

That Christmas morning the kids raced downstairs and there were barely any presents. They were shocked. They didn’t care they just started ripping and tearing them open.

Jordan got a new iPod and nail-polish. Max got a new mountain bike and a bike helmet. After they were done their dad said, “We got a big present for you guys.”

There dad told them to get in the car. They darted!!! Out the front door into the car.

Their dad took them to the people that didn’t have a home. They helped set up decorations as well as the food along with the presents.

That night when they came home the kids said to their mom, “We went to the people that didn’t have a home.”

MUCH!!! They asked to give it to the people with no home. The decided caring about others is the true Christmas spirit.

The next morning the kids grew up to have a better life.

By Jaden Phillips, Grade 5, Division 2


Ginger The Brown Nosed Reindeer

One Saturday morning at the North Pole a reindeer was giving birth to a ginger nosed reindeer. She named her daughter Ginger.

A couple of years later there was a problem with Santa’s sleigh. It ran on ginger. But the sleigh was out. So Santa went to Ginger and asked,”Can you go get some ginger please.”

In a split second Ginger was back with the ginger so that Santa’s sleigh could fly.

By Alexander Richardson


One Magical Christmas

Hi, my name is Mary and I am eleven years old and I was born with magical powers.

I live on a horse ranch with 25 horses. My Mom is a famous jumper. She trains and competes at horse shows all over B.C. My Dad is a famous bull rider and roper, so he travels and goes to rodeos all over B.C. as well. He is about the speed and winning.

I am not a horse person! I hate horses! Everything about them is dumb! My Mom always tells me to muck the stalls! I just want to go shopping at the mall and hang out with my friends. I want to be a city girl!

My Mom and Dad are gone riding today, so I just watched T.V. all day until I saw it was snowing. I love winter so I turned off the T.V., grabbed my boots, jacket, scarf and toque and ran outside. I stuck my tongue out and caught a snowflake. I said “There are two more days till Christmas! I can’t wait for all the presents from Santa.”

Then I saw something falling from the sky and I squinted to see what it was. It landed in our front yard. It was so snowy I had to move a little closer. It was Santa in his sleigh and his 8 Reindeer!

I ran up to see what happened. Santa said “Mary, my Reindeer and I were going for a practice run then the magic sleigh stopped working! Now Christmas is ruined!

“Oh Santa, I can help you!” I said.

Santa said “Mary that would be awesome!”

Mary said “I have a bottle of magic dust in my room.”

Santa said “That would work perfectly, show me how it works!”

Mary ran and grabbed it and sprinkled it on the sleigh. It worked. Mary and Santa jumped in and went to the North Pole. Mary quickly got the last presents wrapped, harnessed up the Reindeer and put all the presents in Santa’s bag.

“Ho! Ho! Ho!” Mary thank you for all your help today. “Now I need to take you home so you can go to sleep and I can deliver presents.” Santa said.

“Ok,” said Mary.

Santa brought Mary home and said “Since you helped me so much today you can choose any present you want from my bag.” Mary chose a book that she’s wanted for a long time because she loves to read.

“Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry Christmas” said Santa and he flew off to deliver presents for all the little boys and girls.

Mary cried, “Today was One Magical Christmas.”

Bailey Murray, Grade 6


The Best Christmas Ever

Splat! Ben threw a snowball at Charlie, his best friend.

“Hey! You’re coming to my house now for a sleepover, remember?!” exclaimed Ben.

“Oh yeah, we were going to make our Christmas lists for tomorrow, right?” answered Charlie. “What else do you want to do?” “I don’t know, we’ll have to see, won’t we.”

Shortly thereafter, they walked into Ben’s yard … “We’re finally here. Hey! Let’s have a snowball fight before we go inside, ok?” Ben insisted.

“Fine, but afterwards we must do our Christmas lists, ok?” Charlie reasoned.

“Man, that was a fun snowball fight,” commented Ben. “Let’s do our Christmas lists now ok?”

“Finally!” Charlie confirmed. “I totally want the shiny NIKE™ Mercurial speed soccer cleats and FIFA 1 7 for the Xbox One S. What do you want?”

Ben thought, then answered, “The custom-made CCM™ extreme flex II goalie pads and the NHL 17 video game for the Playstation 4 Pro.”

“Come on, we better write this stuff down,” said Charlie enthusiastically.

Later that night, Charlie woke up. He peeked at the pretty Christmas tree and saw Santa eating cookies! He ran up and said, “Santa! How are you doing?”

“Good, thank you Ben. Please do not tell anyone about this and I shall reward you with these NIKE™ mercurial speed soccer cleats autographed by the one and only, Cristiano Ronalda! I will also bring great luck to you and your friends,” boomed Santa in a jolly old voice, as you would expect for Santa.

Later on January 1, 2017, Ben had a hockey game against the Badgers. His team, the Hawks, won 10-0; Ben had a shutout, and his team won the league title.

Boy were people celebrating! Charlie, who was in the crowd cheering, suddenly remembered when he met Santa and thought, “It really did happen, it really did!”

And for the rest of his life, he had insanely good luck.

Disclaimer: this story is not sponsored by NIKE™, Microsoft™, EA Sports™, CCM Hockey™, or Sony™.

By Lucas Taniguti, Grade 5, Div. 2


A Lost Reindeer

Crash! Crash! Crash! Jenny heard from inside on Christmas Eve. She ran out of bed and to her mom’s room where she asked, “Did you hear that crashing noise?”

“What crashing noise?” asked Mrs. Granger. “The noise that was outside. Just never mind,” she whispered.

Then went back to bed. Crash! Crash! Crash! She hear again so she ran out of bed. But this time she ran right past her mom’s room to go outside where she saw a reindeer. “Where did you come from?” Jenny thought. Then she saw a tag that said Rudolph.

“You must be lost,” she gasped. Rudolph nodded. “We better get you back to Santa because without you his sleigh won’t fly and the little girls and boys won’t get their presents,” Jenny cried.

Rudolph nodded again. “Well then what are we waiting for? Let’s get going.” And they were off. A couple hours later Jenny and Rudolph were already catching up to Santa.

They knew because they could hear him yelling, “Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas.” They started speeding up and were going faster and faster until they finally saw him crash.

“Oh no!” Jenny gasped as they went down to see if he was okay. Thankfully he was. “I don’t know how he came unhooked he just did,” Santa explained. “But now how will all the kids get their presents on time?” he asked. “Maybe I could help,” Jenny suggested.

“That would be great,” Santa replied. That’s how Jenny saved Christmas.

The end

By Abbie Christensen, Grade 5


Discovering The True Meaning Of Christmas

As Sarah Wright walked into West Edmonton Mall all she saw was Christmas. It was like a Christmas explosion right before her eyes.

It was December 15th and busy Christmas people buzzed in and out of stores frantic to find the perfect gift.

Sarah strolled over to her favourite chocolate store. She bought a few different Christmas themed packages and started her way over to the cash register. She knew everyone in her family were chocolate monsters so she didn’t worry about if they were gonna like it or not.

“MOOOMMM! I want the big chocolate Santa now! I don’t wanna wait til’ Christmas!” screamed a little girl desperate to get her way.

“Elizabeth! Stop that this instant or you won’t get ANYTHING for Christmas!” spoke her mom sternly as she grabbed her daughter’s arm and began to pull her out of the store.

What had Christmas become, thought Sarah. Christmas was supposed to make you feel cheer and joy. Not tears and misery. The gift and number of decorations you have doesn’t hold the true meaning of the holidays. Love and family does.

You may not have any decorations or maybe you didn’t get any gifts but that doesn’t mean you can’t have Christmas. You hold Christmas in your heart if you choose to realize it.

Christmas doesn’t ever come to a cost. Your joy, cheer and love are the only things that Christmas is priced at.

As Sarah thought about this she realized that sometimes maybe she never really considered the true meaning of Christmas. She was always all caught up in the holiday madness of trees and presents that she never really appreciated the family and friends gathered all around her year after year.

This year she was not going to focus so much on her gifts and decorations but more on who was gathered around her.

By Dezirae Bond


The Best Christmas Present Ever

Once there was two girls that named Amelia and Chelsey and their dad was setting up the Christmas tree with decorations and set out the stockings.

And their mom was making cookies and milk for Santa to eat and drink. Then they went to bed.

By Kylie Prince, Grade 4



Finding The True Spirit Of Christmas

It was two nights before Christmas and Brooklyn was telling her mom all the things that were on her list.

She asked for a puppy, a brand new Christmas mug, a swing set and a new playhouse. After reading her wish-list she made two dozen cookies for Santa, ate dinner, put her pj’s on and went to bed.

The next morning she fixed the tree and the lights and did all her chores, like the dishes and the laundry, so she could go to her friend’s house.

They picked her up a minutes later and they went to her friend Lindy’s house. They ate lunch and played with their early Christmas presents, then went online and looked up “how Christmas started.”

They were looking and reading for about half an hour then they finally realized that Christmas isn’t about presents and cake and cookies. It’s actually celebrating Jesus life and how he made people and the planet.

After they looked that up they searched “kids in need” and realized that they shouldn’t be getting everything they want for Christmas when there are kids out there who don’t even get enough food.

They decided this Christmas they’re going to donate toys to the kids and money and food to the parents in need: a toy drive! After they came up with those ideas, they got boxes and bags and typed information about what they were doing and got their coats and boots on and headed out the door to go around their neighbourhood asking for donations.

They went to 50 houses and got $100 hundred dollars, 50 toys and canned and pre cooked food for all the families they could find that needed it.

The next day was Christmas and Brooklyn got everything she asked for but she still didn’t seem happy, so her mom asked her “What’s wrong Brooklyn?”

She stated looking worried. “I feel really bad about getting all this stuff when there’s so many kids out there who don’t even get one thing”, said Brooklyn.

“It’s okay, you helped everyone you could yesterday and a lot of kids got a lot of stuff. You should be very proud of what you accomplished!”

“Thanks mom” said Brooklyn. After that they ate a nice dinner and dessert with all their family and they were very grateful for what they did. Merry Christmas!

By Sophia Braaten, Mrs. Lau’s class, Grade 6


One Magical Christmas

The night before Christmas Santa’s twin was expected to go to the North Pole.

An hour later the door bell rang.

Santa answered the door and there was Santa’s twin standing there. Santa wanted him to come in the work shop. Santa’s twin asked how are the people that make the toys for all the good boys and girls.

So that night Santa’s twin was having trouble sleeping so he went outside just to breath and it started to rain after he was outside for twenty minutes and then it started thundering and he got shocked.

He toured evil and was thinking to go to the place called Clearwater! And he went in Santa’s sleigh and landed on a house and broke someones porch. Two people named Eli and Kalan woke up to see what was up and when they got outside they saw Santa laying there.

They wanted to help Santa but when they got to the sleigh Santa’s twin said, “Get away from me.” And they were shocked. Then they noticed that it was not Santa, it was Santa’s twin. But Santa’s twin said, “I’m the real Santa,” but Eli and Kalan did not believe him because the real Santa would not say get away from me and so Santa’s twin jumped into the sleigh and got away and went back to the North Pole.

Santa was looking for him all day and Santa’s twin wanted a fight with Santa so they started yelling at each other and Santa was confused what was wrong with him. Santa wanted to know what happened to him so Santa asked him and Santa’s twin said, “I went outside to breath and it started to rain and thunder and turned evil.”

So that night Santa’s twin went outside when it was raining and thundering and got struck and turned nice again and everyone got all their presents they wanted with the help of Santa’s twin.

by Kalan, Grade 4


Holly Discovers the True Spirit of Christmas

In Hollycrest, New York, USA, Holly was just finishing her homework when her two friends, Angel and Snowflake, came into her room.

Holly, in a questioning voice asked, “What are you doing here? Why did you not tell me you were going to be here?”

“We would have spoiled the surprise,” Angel replied in her sweet caring voice.

Holly replied, “You guys surprised me but….”

Holly, nearly shouting, replied, “I was working on my irritating homework and then you come in just when I was trying to remember the answer of the hardest word problem I have ever answered.”

Snowflake nervously replied, “Your mom called us and said she wanted us to help you find your true Christmas spirit.”

Holly, interested, replied, “Sure. Do I really have a bad Christmas spirit?”

Angel replied, “I’m sorry, but yes.”

Holly, surprised, asked, “Angel, Snowflake, can you please help me find my true Christmas spirit?”

“Sure,” Angel and Snowflake replied, “we promise by December twenty-fifth you will be the kindest person with the most Christmas spirit we have ever known.”

Angel announced, “First, we we will show you what Christmas spirit is. Then you try. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Angel, I do understand.”

Holly was very excited. Angel went first. Angel snow-shovelled her neighbour’s driveway. Snowflake made gingerbread cookies and gave them to Mrs. Kat, the kindest lady in the neighborhood.

Holly tried both things. First, she tried to make gingerbread cookies but Holly did not pay attention and they got burned. So Holly suggested she would go join the Christmas choir but the same thing happened – her voce was too high pitched so they did not let her join.

Holly thought she would go out to the woods to interview the people who had strong Christmas spirit. Holly asked Angel and Snowflake to come with her. They agreed.

She saw Snowflake and, most important, her family. Holly felt the best she had ever felt and knew she had Christmas spirit. And that is how Holly found her Christmas spirit.

By Lily Dulaba, Grade 4, Div. 2


Best Christmas Present Ever

I woke up on Christmas Eve morning.

Once I got out of bed I just could not wait until Christmas. I jumped up and down. I just could not wait. So I carried on with my day and had breakfast, lunch and a wonderful supper. The supper was chicken, stuffing, mashed potatoes and more. And once I got into my bed that night I just couldn’t sleep. And in the morning there were big gifts. And I got a snowboard. It was the best gift ever.

The end.

By Gavin Prince, Grade 5


The Best Christmas Present Ever

December 22nd, 3 days till Christmas

This morning Scott woke up early. He was so excited he woke up and saw Elf on the Shelf eating cookies. He ran as fast as he could to his sister Kristeen and his mom Tina. They were both too lazy to get out of bed because it was 5:30 in the morning. They both woke up at 6:15. They came downstairs and saw the Elf on the Shelf. Ever since they saw it Scott believed in Santa, he was so happy.

December 23rd, tomorrow is Christmas Eve

Scott knew Santa was real because of everything that’s been happening. Lots of snow and the Elf on the Shelf. Scott is excited for tomorrow because lots of his family is coming for Christmas eve dinner. That day Scott, Kristeen and his mom Tina made some decorations for tomorrow’s dinner. They made paper snowflakes and made a bunch of snowmen to decorate the outside of the house. It felt like Christmas spirit all around the house.

December 24th, Christmas eve

It was 5:00 pm. Everyone was coming at 6:00. Tina had the turkey in the oven and Scott’s Grandma was bringing the ham. Scott and Kristeen’s cousins are coming Brant, Stephen and Angela and their family is bringing a Greek salad and there will be mashed potatoes. There will be ice cream for dessert. Everyone is eating and it all tastes really good. All the boys like to mix all their food together. After dinner Scott, Kristeen, Brant, Stephen and Angela went outside to play mantracker and hide and go seek. Everyone went home to get some sleep for the morning. Scott and Kristeen couldn’t wait to go to bed.

December 25, Christmas morning. Scott woke up at 7:00 am. Scott went to go wake up his mother and sister and they were nowhere in the house, so Scott ran downstairs to see if there were any presents, Santa was there with a big present behind him Santa tore open the present. Scott heard Rooom rooom,

“Wow!” It was a dirt bike.” Scott ran up to Santa and gave him a really big hug and yelled, “This is the best Christmas present ever! But where’s my mom and sister?” They’re safe and sound at the North Pole. “Thank you Santa this is the best Christmas ever!”

By Parker Collins


The Magical Locket

As Oliver finished his lunch his mom told him “You should go outside and shovel the driveway”.

He told her “It’s way too cold outside.”

“Oh well,if you do it now it will be done.”

“Stupid,” Oliver mumbled.

He went outside and grabbed the grey shovel. Just when he started shovelling.’Ding”

“Ow” he cried “What in the world was that” he muttered.

He ran inside mad.

“I hate winter!” Oliver stated. Oliver didn’t believe in Christmas. He thought it was stupid.

His mom always tried to make him write a letter but Oliver never did. When Oliver ran inside yelling his mom asked him what happened. Oliver claimed that someone threw a rock at him his mom responded “It probably was a hard peace of snow.”

Oliver went back outside to find what hit him and in the snow he noticed there was something shiny. He picked it up and it was a locket.

He opened it. Inside was a picture of Rudolph the red nose Reindeer and his nose was shining red. He touched Rudolph’s nose and was transported into this snowy place with a candy caned pole right beside him

He was so confused when he read the sign on the candy cane pole it said “The North Pole”. He quickly ran up the hill and seen a huge toy shop.

He ran inside the toy store and saw that there were elves and so many toys he screamed, “AHHHHEHR!”

All the elves looked and screamed. Santa came out “Whats going on” while he said that he seen Oliver.

“Get that boy up here now” he shouted. The elves took Oliver upstairs and :into Santa’s office. It had so many letters that he could barely fit in. Santa asked him how he got here.

Oliver replied “Something landed on my head and I picked it up and that’s all I remember.”

“What, that’s my locket I am missing”!

Oliver told him he had it in his pocket. Santa told him to let him see it. So Oliver reached in his pocket and gave it to Santa.

Santa stated it was his. Santa told him to press the button so he did. He was transported back into his bed he looked at the date on his iPod and it was Christmas.

By Korie McGill, Grade 5, Mrs. Allan


The Magical Christmas Night

One Christmas Eve there was three girls named Elizabeth, Zoey and Emily. They were so excited to get to eat candy canes, open presents and spend time with their family.

Possibly they will see Santa and they hung up their stocking, decorated the Christmas tree and put the star on top of it. It was a great Christmas Eve so far. The girls thought they would try to stay awake long enough to see Santa in person.

They went to their room and were trying to stay awake as long as they could. They were almost asleep when they heard a loud bang on the roof. They thought it might be Santa. The girls went to check if their parents were still asleep and they were.

They raced outside to see if it was Santa. But instead they saw a reindeer in their yard! They thought if it could talk so they walked up to it but it ran somewhere else in the yard. Then they went to where the reindeer was in the yard. Then they looked around the corner of the house and they saw Santa by his sleigh.

Santa yelled, “Catch that reindeer.” So the girls slowly went up to the reindeer and she didn’t even move. The girl’s brought the reindeer to Santa. Santa thanked the girls and put their presents under the Christmas tree.

Santa told the girls they should get back to bed before their parents wake up. They went back to bed and they all thought that was the most magical Christmas ever.

By Betty-Ann Roy, Grade 5


The Best Christmas Present Ever

Early Christmas morning Santa had came. I was so excited. He had given me a new scooter. I felt so happy. I wanted to ride it but it was snowing. I decided to take off the wheels and put on skis. I went outside and rode around.

The wind hit my body and it felt like I was flying in the air. After I went home and mom made me some hot chocolate. She wrapped me in a blanket and I went to bed, having the best dream ever.

Then I said to myself, “This is the best Christmas present ever.”

By Devin Holland, Grade 5


Liam’s Christmas Creation

Liam loved Christmas it was his favourite thing in the world. He loved the spirit the food and most of all the decoration.

It was December 20th 5 days until Christmas. He was so excited it would be the best Christmas yet. He had it planned. The decorations the music and even where they would open gifts.

December 21st 4 days till Christmas. It was getting closer he could almost see it. He got up just like any normal day. He brushed his teeth and went out to the front room, ate some cookies that his mom made and went outside .He invited his friend over Devin and they were going to go tobogganing. they took the snowmobiles and went up the hill. The hill was huge they took the snowmobiles and headed up it, once they were at the top they rode down it with the toboggans.

They didn’t think of bringing the snowmobiles down the hill. They left them at the top. So they walked up the hill and got the snowmobiles.

Liam got home his dad said where have you been it’s 10:00 . Liam said well I was shopping for the perfect Christmas present. Okay if that’s what you were doing then i forgive you.

Dec 22nd 3 days until Christmas. Today Liam is worried he now needs to find the perfect present. He went to the local mall and found nothing it was like everything just didn’t want to go his way. He looked everywhere. But yet he came out with nothing.

I wonder if i could make something. A pen he said that he could do a nice wooden pen. I’ll put there names engraved in it . So he started on his ”adventure” to make a pen.

Dec 24th, Christmas Eve he had pens for everyone in his family. He made a pink one for Gilda, a silver one for Hank,and for mom and dad a metal one with a removable ink cartridge. He did it

Dec 25th christmas day he woke up and looked at his alarm clock it was christmas day. He rushed down stairs waiting to see what he got.

But with all this time he never thought to help with anything . I didn’t get you much this christmas he said to his family. No matter his dad said the best christmas present ever is you.

By Kolby Reichert


One Magical Christmas

“Wake up,Wake up, Wake up…. Someone’s here.”

“Go to bed!!!” “said mom

One hour later. “Mom, mom, mom, what time is it”, “6:00”, “Make me coffee please”

“Oh my gosh you got me a unicorn reindeer!!!!!” “WHAT!!!”, “santa must have forgot one of his unicorn reindeer here last night”

“Maybe.” “Honey we don’t know if it has rabies or even Wild.”

“No I don’t think so this one is definitely Santa’s reindeer unicorn” . “Well mr. unicorn can you talk” “Blah blah blah” “What Talk louder.”

“Santa left me here” . Reindeer sobbing. “It’s okay we’ll get you home little guy.” “Well let’s see i am a unicorn reindeer so I must have some magic.”

“We can go on an adventure or even build a sleigh” . “Magic Cadabra” . “Just kidding All I have to do is wear my Horn and say my magic  Password.”

“So let’s get started.” “Ho ho ho  oh” “no Santa Calling” . “What’s he going to think me being with all these people you know my rounding.”

“Ho ho ho I’m in a magical Spirit where are you I can pick you up” “umm No that’s okay” “but” “goodbye” “Okay” “let’s get started as soon as possible.”

“Santa’s getting on to us.” “Let’s fly away.” “No it’s the middle of the day we can’t go anywhere people will see you and wonder.”

“Okay let’s get started we need some would add a wheel to drive maybe I could get some of my reindeer friends to come help me.”

“Yeah let’s call them right now on your hohoho phone.” “Ring ring ring Hello Yes it’s mr. reindeer I need your help Santa left me at Privet Drive”. “And Santa doesn’t need to know people know who I know who I am So get your butt down here and help me.” “Oh you’re here already”

“Can i take you for a ride on my sleigh will that be good enough?”

“Oh my gosh 100 times yes!!!!!” “Weeeeee thank you so much for talking us on a ride!!!!” “Well not problem you helped me so much but you can not tell anyone about this adventure.”

“Oh ya tell santa thank you so much for the bike he made me.”. “Bye bye!!!” “Thanks again”.

By Jullia Pringle


The Best Christmas Present Ever

I was really bored. My mom and dad were at the party! They would not be coming back for a while. I was really bored.

So I gazed at the snowflakes from my bedroom window as I saw my mom’s car drive by just a while ago. Well it was really getting late and I should be going to bed so that is what I did! Zzzzz ….

The next day I woke up at 4:37 a.m. I hopped downstairs and noticed the biggest present I ever saw! And I gasped, “To Angela. That’s me!” I replied in excitement.

I opened the box and saw a reindeer. He had a note on him that said,” Dear Angela, I would like you to have Blitzen. He will fly you to Santa’s workshop. But be careful you are the only one who can see him. Just be safe on your journey. Yours truly Santa.”

So I took off after dinner and soon I was there and was greeted by Santa and the elves. Santa said that my mom and dad are okay and I can stay there for a year and be his little helper. I replied, “This is the best Christmas present ever!”

And first thing I did was make ginger cookies for Santa and said “thank you.” I wonder what I am going to make tomorrow? I made lots of new friends there! Happily ever after.

by Saya Stelter, Grade 5


One Magical Christmas

Alex sat at the trunk cherry blossom tree in the middle of the city park. Fresh powdered snow surrounded her.  It was an unfamiliar scene in the little town of Riverstar.

Alex loved the shimmer reflecting off the snow. There were icicles dangling from rooftops, reminding Alex of the old mines. Of course like every year she was alone.

She didn’t even have a house to spend her Christmas in. Alex sighed and stood, glancing back at the tree behind her. Slowly but surely she saw a figure approaching her.

The figure was suited in red. He quickened his pace.  Alex struggled to see him.

When he got closer she could see him better. He had black hair and green eyes. He wore a red tux and had a red bag slung over his shoulder. Alex watched him intently.

The man approached her then stopped. “Good Day  Alex Micheal. Hold on Tight.”

Alex looked questioningly at him. He grabbed her hand  and pulled her close. There was a gust of strong wind  along with a lot  of fog.

Alex felt her feet leave the  ground and up into the sky the two went. A few  seconds later her feet crashed to the ground and her  legs buckled.

The man  bent down and helped her up.

“Are you okay m’dear?”

Alex nodded, still a little winded.

“Where are we?”

The man smiled softly. “We are in my home.”

The floor was decorated with red and green carpet. The  walls were painted pearly white. Alex took a step  forward, not noticing the small green elf in front of  her, and tripped.

“O-oh! S-sorry  Alex!” The elf’s voice was high  pitched but soft.

The man chuckled.

“You must be quite confused Alex. Heh heh! I am Mr.  Claus!”

Alex glanced back at Mr. Claus questioningly. Mr.  Clause chuckled.

¨So why am I here?¨ Alex said.

Mr. Claus´ smile faded as he said, ¨Well you see… My  elves were searching all over for you because we need  your help! You were the nicest kid this year so you  have to help us!!! We do not have enough elves to help  with Christmas this year so we thought that you would  be the one to help us! Then you can live here with us!!¨

Alex smiled and nodded. She filled joy and excitement.

By Kaley Jones, Grade 7


One Magical Christmas

A few days before Christmas there was a man and his name was Joe. He worked in an office building and he hated Christmas.

He was driving home and there was a man laying on the side of the road. He pulled over then a horde of small men in identical green suits ran out with spears and started throwing them at him Joe ran away and hid in the bushes. Joe watched as the men took him away so he followed them then he jumped a elf.

Joe asked, “Why did they throw spears at me?”

The elf replied, “Because you killed Santa.”

“Who?” Joe asked

“The man on the side of the road.” the elf said

“That man was Santa!” Joe said

“What happened.” Joe asked

“I don’t know?” the elf said

“Then why did throw spears at me?” Joe asked

“Because you killed Santa.” the elf said

“How do you know I killed him? He could have fallen out of his sleigh or something.” Joe said

“We thought you did Because you hate Christmas.” the elf said

“Well how can I make it right.” Joe asked

“You could become the new Santa.” the elf said

“Okay I’ll do it as long as I don’t get spear thrown at me.” Joe said

So they went to the north pole in his old Chevy sidestep. When they got to the north pole the Elves started to throwing spears at them.

One had a explosive tip spear and blew up Joe’s truck. Then the elf who he jumped told the other elves that he was going to be the new Santa.

The elves started laughing then the king of the elves came out.

He asked Joe “Do you want to be Santa”

Joe said, “Yes”

The elf king said, “Then let’s make some presents.”

By Harris Thomas, Grade 7


The Puppy of Christmas

Once there was a mouse, he lived in the snowy part of Alaska. Oh who am I fooling, probably no one.

So here is the real story. Once there was a beautiful little girl playing around in her back yard on a wonderful snowy afternoon.

“Cleo come inside to clean up for dinner we’re having chicken,” Cleo’s mother yelled.

“Coming,” she yelled back.

Cleo walked inside frozen with red cheeks.

After dinner Cleo ran upstairs in her room to sneak a cookie, but she got caught by her older brother Jayson.

“Jayson, please please please don’t tell mom, she’ll get really mad.”

“So, to bad, that’s your problem.”

“Hey, I’ll make you a deal.”


“Well if you don’t tell mom I’ll get you a puppy for Christmas.”

“You will do that for me?”

“But only if you get me a present too.”

“Hmmmm fine deal,” and they both shook on it.

Cleo went to look for a pet store to buy Jayson a puppy. She saw the cutest puppy in the world she walked in the door and out the door with him. “Jayson is going to love him,” Cleo whispers to herself.

The next day was Christmas Eve. Cleo was super excited to give the present to Jayson in the morning.

“Wake up! Wake up! It’s Christmas!” Cleo shouted. Cleo ran down the stairs and said Merry Christmas to herself. Jayson came down the stairs rubbing his eyes. Cleo snuck the present with the puppy in it and took it in to the kitchen. She opened it and the puppy was gone. She looked everywhere and nothing. She looked outside nothing. She looked under the couch nothing. But finally she found him under Cleo’s bed. “What are you doing under my bed you’re supposed to be in the box.” So she put the puppy in the box.

When they started opening presents Cleo got to open the first one and Jayson got her a light-up hula hoop that she always wanted.

When Jayson opened the box the puppy jumped up and licked his face.

A year later the puppy was grown up and they named him Joy and Jayson was so happy that he got Joy so happy Cleo and Jayson never fought again.

By Sarah Oud, Grade 5


One Magical Christmas

One magical night a little girl named Kelly woke up and heard sparkling magic dust.

“Huh?.. What was that?” Kelly said in a surprised voice “Sa.. santa?” Kelly whispered “Is that really you?”

“Ho Ho yes it is, Kelly! But you must go to sleep!”

“Okay santa i will” as Kelly walked up the stairs yawning, she went back to sleep.

She woke up 3 hours later and she ran downstairs and saw nothing under her christmas tree.

“Where are all the presents!!!!” she screamed. At that very moment her parents woke up, they saw no presents.

“Oh my.” they both said in shock. “I wonder why santa forgot all the presents?!” said David Kelly’s father

“Santa’s such a jerk!” kelly rolled her eyes. She stomped upstairs,jumped on her bed and sobbed.

Pshhhhhwooo. Kelly’s window opened and she took her face off her pillow and saw a reindeer

“Come with me!” said the reindeer. “uhh okay..” said Kelly. The reindeer with the very shiny nose threw Kelly into a red sleigh. Then a fat man in a red suit came towards Kelly and then sat beside her.

“Hello mean santa!”

“Why are you calling me mean?!, oh is it because i gave you no presents?” “ duh what do you think!?” said Kelly “ well we are going to the North Pole I need to show you something” “uhhh okay.”

When santa and Kelly got to the north pole she thought it was the best thing ever.

“Wow, it is a huge village!” she yelled. “why did you bring me anyway?” she said again.

“ because you were on the nice list and my helper did not even give you a piece of coal like naughty kids get”

“ So i get my presents?!” “yes but you need show me how much you love Christmas and not just the presents” “Why, I was nice wasn’t I?”

“you called me a jerk and a meanie and it hurt my feelings!” “Oh santa so sorry how about some cookies?” “That’ll be lovely”

“ Do you know why i love christmas?. I love is that i get to spend time with my family and do traditions!”

“You can have you presents know..”

So Kelly picked out her presents, went home and shared them, then screamed out “ WHAT A MAGICAL CHRISTMAS!!”

By Ella Elliot, Grade 7


The Best Christmas Ever

One foggy Christmas Eve I was awake keeping my deepest Christmas thoughts to myself. When no one was looking, I sneaked downstairs into the closet. I waited and waited. It was silent.

Just when I started to lose hope I heard a “clip, clop, clip, clop, clip, clop” on the roof. Suddenly the sounds stopped.

I heard a rustle in the chimney. I held my breath and hoped for the best.

Just a moment later after all the ashes cleared up from the the fire place I spied Santa Claus! So when he wasn’t looking I slipped out of the closet and zipped to the kitchen to fetch him his cookies. Just as he was unloading the last presents I sneaked up behind him and tapped him on the shoulder.

He turned around he sighed. He said to follow him because I had seen too much. He pulled me up the chimney and into his sleigh.

After that he took me to his workshop. He showed me around. He even showed me his secret cookie stash under his desk!

When he was finished giving me a tour of the factory he quickly took me home before my parents could wake up on Christmas morning. That’s how I got the best Christmas ever!

By Hunter Breckenridge, Gr. 5, Ms. Allan class


The True Meaning of Christmas

A child known as Jake lived in the woods of Snodon. Ever since he had his first Christmas his family hated each other all because of one argument Jake needed to find their Christmas cheer!

Jake dashed around the house searching for food, water and supplies he was to find Santa!

When Jake noticed his grandpa Katlince in the kitchen he spied a snow white beard.

“Why is that so familiar?” he thought. Then he saw a shroud of mist swirling from grandpa.

“What in the world! ” Jake thought amazed, yet frightened. Jake gathered his supplies and stealthy sneaked out.

(Oh I almost forgot the forest of Snodon is in the north pole so Jake just had to look.) Jake eventually passed out in the cold when he woke up he was in a strange place. He saw a strange figure.

“Where am I?” Jake demanded.

“Don’t make me put you on the naughty list”,the man threatened

“s-s-Santa” stuttered Jake with joy in his words.

“Will you help me and my family get back our Christmas cheer Santa?”,

“That is for you to find,” declared Santa.

“Why ….. Why won’t you?!” Jake sobbed while his face was filled with fury the tone in his voice was intended to make Santa ashamed. Before Santa could tell him why, Jake was stomping (with tremendous force) out of Santa’s sanctuary Jake payed no attention to the disappearing workshop.

One day later on Christmas day he found his (not so spacious) home.

“Jake!!!” his mother exclaimed “‘Where have you been!” One by one, Jake was reunited with his family “The true meaning of Christmas” Jake began his speech “Is to bring family and friends together!”

And so Jake lived a long life with many questions.

By Samuel Selbee Grade 4


The True Christmas Spirit!

Four best friends were very impatient for Christmas to come! They took a trail ride and Christmas was in five days.

Amber said she wanted a new barrel saddle, Amy wanted a new trick riding saddle, Alexis wanted a new bridle and blanket, Miller wanted a new blanket and brush kit. Amber’s horses name was Hawk, Amy’s horses name was Spartan, Alexis’s horses name was Lila and Miller’s horses name was Dexter.

But when they were on the trail ride Alexis didn’t believe in Santa. Amy, Amber and Miller said, “What, but that’s where we get all our presents.” So Miller, Amy and Amber had to bring back the Christmas spirit four days later. Amy, Amber, Alexis and Miller had all done their Christmas shopping.

Now what they thought was the best Christmas present was to get Alexis to believe in the Christmas spirit.

So we went on another trail ride. We thought she might change her mind and believe. When they got home Amber’s mom made them gingerbread. The next day it was … Christmas.

With all those presents Alexis would have to believe in Santa. And she did. Merry Christmas and remember gifts from the heart are the best!

by Mia Thompson, Grade 4


Santa’s Best Friend

It was Christmas Eve. I couldn’t wait until Christmas. It’s my favorite day of the year.

The doorbell rang. It was my Aunt Baton. My mom called me.

“Excellent, I’ll be right down.” I was talking to a friend on the phone. I ran downstairs.

“Hi Devin” said Aunt Baton. I was happy to see her. “How’s school going for you?”

I told her it was great. It wasn’t great. I actually got expelled and now I hide in a bush until my mom and dad leave and then I go in the pool and hang out.

Aunt Baton took me to the mall. We drove in her Bugatti. We went for ice cream.

Aunt Baton asked “What flavor do you want?” I asked for bubblegum. We ate our ice cream and Aunt Baton asked me what I wanted for Christmas.

“I want a scooter.”

“I’ll get you that” said Aunt Baton. This was awesome. There was just one problem.

“I have to tell you something Aunt. I got expelled.” Aunt Baton gasped in disbelief.

“Why did get you get expelled?”

“A kid named Luke told the principal that I hacked the vending machine but he was lying. The principal believed Luke.”

Aunt Baton said that it wasn’t fair and I should tell my parents.

“They won’t believe me.”

We drove home in silence for Christmas Eve dinner.

The next day was Christmas. I woke up and heard someone say “Hi Devin”! looked around but couldn’t see anyone.

“Who said that” I asked.

“I did”. I looked again and saw Santa.

“Santa, why are you here?”

“I am here to tell you that you need to tell your parents that you got expelled and it was a mistake .”

“OK, I will tell them right now.”

“Good” said Santa. Devin went to find his mom and told her that he got expelled and it was a mistake. His mom wasn’t happy but was glad Devin told her the truth.

Devin went back to Santa. “You were right. I should have told my mom.”

“I left a scooter and a dirt bike outside for you.”

“And I left you some cookies and milk for you. You’re a good friend Santa.”

By Owen Sim, Raft River, Mrs. Allan


One Magical Christmas

Once upon a time there was a little girl who had no home and no family. She was very, very poor. She was so poor she couldn’t afford food on Christmas Eve and she was really hungry.

“Every Christmas Eve I don’t have anything to eat,” sighed the girl.

“Hi,” yelled the girls only friend Matilda. “Hi,” she said sadly at her. “I’d better get going … bye.”

She was alone once again. She started to sob. As she cried she was holding what seemed to be an angel with a broken wing. “I wish you were alive,” she thought.

Then when she put down the angel somebody called out, “Please don’t put me down!” “W-who said that?” stuttered the girl. All of a sudden the angel was on her shoulder. “C-can you help me?” asked the girl. And so the angel helped her find a family, a home and got her dinner. T

he little girl asked the angel if she wanted to stay with her but she said, “No, I have to go help other orphans.” The girl tried to watch the angel leave but she vanished before her eyes. The girl and her family lived happily after that.

By Lilly Frost, Grade 4


Discovering The True Meaning Of Christmas

Santa opened his eyes. It’s Christmas Eve!

“I have so much to do today.’’

He got out of bed and was eating his breakfast that Mrs. Claus had prepared for him. It was fluffy warm pancakes, eggs and bacon.

Santa started to read a letter from a sweet girl named Jayden. Here is what the letter said: Hi Santa, my name is Jayden. I am 11 years old and I have two sisters. I am writing this letter to you because my sister Payton who, is 5 years old, is not understanding the true meaning of Christmas. She is breaking all of our Christmas decorations and picking on kids at school. She is also not doing any of her chores. Will you please teach her the true meaning of Christmas and to be nice to others? Love, Jayden

Oh no, thought Santa! I hope I don’t have to send my twin brother Nicholas to Payton’s house. Nicholas’ job is to give coal to the bad children on Christmas who were naughty.

After reading the letter and thinking about Payton’s behaviour. Santa phoned his twin and told him that he is to give coal to Payton in her stocking. Santa got dressed and headed down to his workshop to make the rest of the toys for the good children around the world.

Just after the sun went down Mrs. Claus called Santa into the house to tell him he had to leave soon. So he got the reindeer saddled up and loaded the toys on his sleigh.

Off he went into the blue sky. Santa was off to deliver the toys to the good boys and girls.

Early Christmas morning back at Jayden’s house, the girls ran down the stairs to see what Santa brought them. But when Payton opened her stocking and found coal she burst out crying and said ‘’Santa I am really sorry for being a bad girl. I will say sorry to all the children I was mean to and I will not pick on anybody again.’’

Just then they heard a strange sound from the chimney. It was Santa. He forgave Payton and gave her a stocking with lots of presents and a very special gift.

On that Christmas morning, Payton discovered the true meaning of Christmas.

By Kristen Regier, Grade 7


The Crazy Christmas

Once there was a boy named Bob. He lived in a log cabin. It was 2 o’clock at night when he heard a sound. Wake up, it said. Then it said it again, wake up. He looked under his bed and saw a little man. “Hi there,” it said.

Who are you said Bob. “I’m an elf.”

Oh, but what is an elf? “Well that’s what I am.”

Cool, said Bob. “Well let’s get some sleep,” said the elf.

In the morning they looked under the tree but there was no presents. Where are all the presents? Eventually they heard a sound, “Oh, no. What was that!”

Bob decided to find out. He walked slowly over to the couch, but suddenly the couch got thrown into the air and smashed through a wall.

“Hide!” shouted Bob and they dove under the table. Just then Bob’s mom ran out of her room screaming who threw a couch into my bedroom?

“Oh, hi there Santa what are you doing in my house?” said Bob’s mom.

“Hi Beth,” said Santa, “I just was going to put this present under your tree, but where is your tree?” The mom told Santa to just put it on the floor!

By Elijah Low, Grade 5


Magical Mexican Winter

It was a chilly night. Holly was sitting on the sofa beside the cozy stove she was drinking coca cola and wishing she could go outside and play! It was to cold and freezing for her.

She was super tired because she had a cooped up day. She went to bed hoping she could explore tomorrow. She woke up and she saw white powder! Holly sprinted outside and touched it. The pearl white powder was cold and wet like a dogs nose.

Holly’s first ever snow fall! Mexico’s weather was changing! What will she wear, she only owned shorts and swim wear. Holly would have to travel to get winter gear, but luckily her nana was coming from Alaska to visit, and that place has alot of snow.

Holly phoned her nana and asked if she can bring a snow suit, thick gloves, snow boots, and a toque and all of that stuff you need for that stuff that white powder that you call snow. Four weeks later … “Nana, Nana, you’re here, you’re here, I’m so happy now. Can you please help me get this gear on, I really want to explore outside right now!”

Five minutes later … okay Nana now lets go outside okay! “Okay Holly, now lets go outside….” “Umm Nana what are you making?”

“Nothing really. Just making a snowman, you want to help Holly?” “Yes,” Holly said. So they were helping each other make a snowman, a few minutes later Holly put a hat on the snowman and named him Olaf. Olaf jumped up and screamed, “ya ya ya I feel so alive!”

Holly was shocked that Olaf was alive and after they became best friends. And till that day Holly called December 25 Christmas. Felix Navid!

by Rogue Schley Grade 5


One Magical Christmas

It was the night before Christmas and Santa was very sick. Santa got one of his elves to get a kid to be Santa. That elf went to go get a kid, Richard.

Richard was spellbound he had been chosen. “I’ll be glad to do it,” Richard whispered.

So Richard went back to the North Pole with the elf. Santa said to Richard, “You are a good boy. Now this is how you use the slide. You have to say dash away Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Comet, Donner, Vixen, Blixen, Rudolph to make them fly. If they have their fires lit in the house, wear the fire proof suit.

So Richard had some time for some learning but he crashed into Santa’s work show. The elves couldn’t make any more gifts for girls and boys. It was night time so quickly.

Richard had to do Santa’s job. Richard was going house top to house top. Richard thought someone was coming but it was just a cat walking down the hallway. It startled him.

So he put the presents out so quickly. Richard had finished at last. Richard moaned to Santa, “That was so much fun!”

by Dylan Vaisnis, Grade 5


One Magical Christmas

It all started in 1987. On Christmas Eve everybody was sleeping except Chad. He went downstairs. He heard a knock!

So he kept following the sounds of the knocks to the Christmas tree. Something was in the chimney. He couldn’t see what it was. It looked green, maybe a dark green. He got closer and closer and POOF!

He forgot everything, even why he was there. He just remembered a knock, knock, knock. Chad looked in the chimney. It was a green creature with sharp, long fingers and nails. He came down the chimney.

Chad hid behind the couch and peeked every three seconds. He peeked once more. The green goblin thingy looked back and he walked over to Chad, Wake up! wake up wake up! Chad was confused. “I’m dreaming?” he wondered.

He pinched himself and he woke up in his bed with his brother saying, “Wake up!”

“OK! I’ll get up. I got to go tell mom and dad this dream that I had, hang on Nick.” Chad said to his brother. He told mom and dad. They were confused too. He said just forget about it, let’s have breakfast. So they finished breakfast.

Chad and his brother went in to the present room and heard a knock! He said to himself that was REAL?

He heard knock, knock, again but this time it was coming from outside. He opened his door. It was his friends. He said to himself, “So it’s not real?”

His friends asked him to come play. He said “I have to open presents first.” I’ll play after. So he finished opening up all his presents. He ran outside with his new toys and played for awhile and the dream never happened again.

By Landon Arlitt, Grade 6


Discovering the True Spirit of Christmas

Once there were two kids whose names were Gabe and Jessica.

Gabe and Jessica were very greedy and only thought about presents that they wanted and never about what Christmas was really about.

It was Christmas Eve and everyone was doing last minute wrapping and cooking. There was a big party at Jessica and Gabe’s house. They couldn’t sleep with all the noise so they went to the North Pole.

“It’s amazing here,” said Jessica, “but where are all the toys?”

Suddenly a little elf behind them said, “We give all our toys to little girls and boys.”

“No toys!” yelled Gabe.

“That’s right,” said the little elf. “We believe Christmas is all about giving, not getting.”

Then Jessica wondered if there was a mall to shop in. The little elf said, “There’s a mall right over there.”

At that mall the bought nothing for themselves and everything for other people. Then when they got home it was Christmas morning and everyone was filled with joy. It felt nice to know the true spirit of Christmas and they would never forget it.

By Brianna Reichert, Grade 4, Div. 2



I woke up one Christmas morning. I ran out to the Christmas tree and there was a BIG BIG unicorn.

It was shooting rainbows and they tasted like candy canes. Then I went to wake up my parents to tell them I got a unicorn that came to life.

They said there is no such thing as a unicorn that comes to life.

“Come look,” I said, “look it is alive. Wait it was just there. See it shot rainbows. They tasted like candy canes. It is really good. Try it. It does taste like candy canes.”

“Then I touched his nose and he came back to life.”

“Omg pro skill hacker clunker that was sneaky, you silly unicorn. You scared me there. I started to think I was crazy.

“Come look, Mom,” I said.

“Omg! You were right,” she said.

“Can we keep him please?” I asked.

“We don’t have enough room for that silly unicorn.” Mom said.

“Wait, at night we can make it be a stuffy.” I said.

“Fine you can keep him till we find him a home.”Mom said.

“OK, yes mom. See you at dinner.”I said.

“Yum that is some good food.”I said.

“You should go to sleep. You have a big day tomorrow.”Mom said.

“OK good night Mom. Can you touch his nose?”I said.

“OK good night,”Mom said.

8.00 clock in the morning the next day I touched his horn.

“No no! Mom he is not coming back to life. Please help Mom! I need help. No no! His stuffing is falling out! No! He is dead.”

By Simon Phillips, Grade 7, Mrs. Lau’s class


The Best Christmas Present

One snowy morning a little girl named Matte got up from her bed and opened a stocking, Matte’s stocking . In Matte’s stocking there was dog treats, dog toys a dog collar and a leash.

Matte was so sad because she never got a dog. Why would she receive the necessary items for a dog, but no dog! Her mom came in the living room and told Matte to play out side in the snow. Matte went out confused.

One hour later her mom made some hot coco and cookies Matte came in and she sat on the chair in the living room.

There was a huge box, she open it and a cute little puppy looked at her with green puppy eyes! Matte jumped for you!

“I’m going to name this puppy Snowy”, she shouted . She went outside and made a snow man with Snowy.

After Matte made a bed for Snowy. Matte gave Snowy some bacon treats. Good night Snowy, I am happy to have a puppy.

By Sienna Van Roy, Grade 4


The Magical Christmas Star

There was a boy named Kevin. He was getting ready for Christmas day. His Mom and Dad hung up the stockings He was digging through the Christmas ornaments and he found a glowing star.

And he rushed to his parents and his dad said, “Where did you find that, I had a star like that when I was a kid”! You did I wouldn’t have thought about that when did you get it”

“I got it when I was about four or five,” his dad mumbled.

The next day he woke up to a sound that was sort of eerie and crackly so he went down stairs he saw the star on top of the tree moving by itself he was so shocked and terrified and upset.

So he ran upstairs and jumped on his parents bed and yelled, Mom and dad the star on top of the tree glowing and moving by itself come down there quick! Please, please, please you have to see this now before it stops. Kevin’s mom told Kevin she needed to sleep for a little bit longer as she had decorated all night last night.”

“Please mom I’m begging you just be quite and listen” So on the way downstairs she was moaning and complaining about waking her up.

She when she saw the star she jumped out of the living room and ran out the tall weird shaped door and screamed she could not bare to see it happen. Plus he was never to take the star out of the box again!

By Joey Ressler, Grade 5 Division 2


One Magical Christmas

It was Christmas Eve in London. Oliver and Olivia went Christmas shopping.

They heard “HO HO HO.” Oliver heard. “What in the world was that?”

They heard it again. “HO HO H0.”

Olivia just ignored it. They went to H&M and Blanket Queen. Once again Oliver heard HO HO HO and look