Kids have fun during Blue River ski races

Multiple medals given out following cross-country ski races held Feb. 18

Heli-ski operator Mike Wiegele talks with Rachelle Brasseur

Heli-ski operator Mike Wiegele talks with Rachelle Brasseur

About 115 students from Raft River, Barriere and Blue River schools took part in cross-country ski races in Blue River on Thursday, Feb. 18. Nearly 200 people attended an awards luncheon held at Mike Wiegele Heli-ski Village after the races.

The annual event has been held for many years and is now known as the Andy Aufschnaiter Memorial after a Blue River resident who used to play a major role in organizing it.


The races this year were held on a new course located in what during the summer is a campground near Murtle Lake.

Results for the Andy Aufschnaiter Memorial cross-country ski races were:

Kindergarten boys – 1, Kash Baker, Raft River Elementary; 2, William Taylor, Raft; Nixon Lavie-Lachapelle, homeschooled.

Kindergarten girls – 1, Ellie Thompson; 2, Osha Tobin.

Grade 1 boys – 1, Cole Dulaba, Raft; 2, Chace Smith, Raft; 3, Connor Desjarlais, Blue River Elementary.

Grade 1 girls – 1, Sophie Collins, Raft; 2, Bailey Rotzetter, Raft; 3, Olivia Wall, Raft.

Grade 2 boys – 1, Torrin Murray, Raft; 2, Gurneet Singh, Blue River; 3, Evan Cooke, Raft.

Grade 2 girls – 1, Missy K., Barriere Elementary; 2, Dayna U., Barriere; 3, Cadence Cisna, Raft.

Grade 3 boys – Reid Muddiman, Raft; 2, Ethan C., Barriere; 3, Jeremy S., Barriere.

Grade 3 girls – 1, Cleo Coates, Raft; 2, Lily Dulaba, Raft; 3, Michaela Nesterski, Blue River.

Grade 4 boys – 1, Devin Holland, Raft; 2, Jaden Phillips, Raft; 3, Soren Coates, Raft.

Grade 4 girls – 1, Korie McGill, Raft; 2, Georgia Lamond; 3, Saya Setter, Raft.

Grade 5 boys – 1, Charlie Guinn, Blue River; 2, Alex Belle, Raft; 3, Suma M., Barriere.

Grade 5 girls – 1, Noelle Muddiman, Raft; 2, Sage Barstow, Raft; 3, Kylie Blackmore, Raft.

Grade 6 boys – 1, Simon Phillips, Raft; 2, Olin Coates, Raft; 3, Tommy Panko, Raft.

Grade 6 girls – Vienna Wadlegger, Raft; 2, Clare Arduini, Raft.

Grade 7 boys – 1, Cody Taylor, Raft; 2, Aiden Cairns, Raft.

Below: Three men who helped prepare the new course for the Blue River cross-country ski races were (l-r) Jesse Crawford, Austin Hardy and Dennis Pearce.  Photo by Grace Gormley

three helpers