Clearwater Kayak Festival on weekend is a big success

Kayakers from all over the world demonstrate their skills during festival on the Clearwater River

Pair yellow/orange boat

Pair yellow/orange boat

Australian Sean Bozkewzcz (l) and Chris Koch of Kamloops paddle side by side on the standing wave at Pink Mountain during the rodeo event at the Clearwater Kayak Festival on the weekend.. Bozkewzcz, a IWE guide, won the rodeo for the men, while Beth Million won for the women. Hippy Carter, also a IWE guide,  placed first in the downriver event on Saturday.

Below: Judges and other paddlers stand on shore as a kayaker shows his skill on the standing wave at Pink Mountain on the Clearwater River on Sunday – said by some to be one of the best places for surfing on  the continent. They were taking part in the Clearwater Kayak Festival, which included watching whitewater videos on Friday evening at Interior Whitewater, a downriver race in the Middle Canyon on Saturday, and the rodeo at Pink Mountain on Sunday. Recent heavy rains meant the river was higher than usual for this time of year.

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