Yellowhead Mine thanks community for support

Support from Mayor John Harwood is appreciated by CEO of proposed copper mine near Clearwater

Editor’s Note: The following letter was sent to the Times by Yellowhead president and CEO Ian Smith to be printed in the newspaper:

Dear Mayor Harwood,

On behalf of the employees and shareholders of Yellowhead Mining Inc. (“YMI”) I would like to thank you most sincerely for the welcome and support you have provided our company as we progress down the road toward development of the Harper Creek copper-gold-silver project. The development of a modern mine is a complex and capital intensive business, one that to be successful needs first and foremost strong community support.

In the 12 short months since we first met, I have come to appreciate what it takes to be a mayor of a community that has had to struggle with many adversities, not the least of which for Clearwater is the downturn of the forestry industry and the accompanying loss of jobs and revenue. It is our sincerest hope that our project will provide the economic base to bring people back to the community and avoid the necessity of others that face extraordinary commutes to jobs far afield so they can provide for their families.

We have made a commitment to source our employees from Clearwater and other North Thompson communities first, a commitment you can bank on.

We look forward to continue working with you and your councilors, especially in the areas of job skills and training, as we proceed towards construction and operation. We are committed to an open and transparent process and look forward to the day when the mine is operating and in a position to give back to the community.

Thank you again, for your support, your fairness and even-handedness, your foresight and willingness to say and do what is right no matter how unpopular that may be. We look forward to working with you and your community in the years to come.

Yours sincerely for

Yellowhead Mining Inc.

Ian Smith

President and CEO