Volunteers raise awareness of smart meters

BC Hydro’s smart meter strategy is becoming even uglier in 2013

Editor, The Times:

BC Hydro’s smart meter strategy is becoming even uglier in 2013. Hydro has no intention of listening to, or working with citizens concerned about the installation of two-way wireless transmitters, coined “smart meters” on their homes. They never have. Neither have they had any motivation to address or respond to the cautionary input of highly qualified researchers, engineers, military experts and medical professionals.

Now, 140,000 homeowners have received a new form letter from BC Hydro stating that they no longer have the right to opt out of this invasive and unhealthy program. Hydro’s letter is full of assertions, omissions and misleading statements.

Our home is one of our last sanctuaries from the non-ionizing radiation emitted by countless wireless devices in a relentlessly wireless society. Seven per cent of B.C. households and 59 municipalities, Clearwater among them, have spoken for choice. We recently moved from Kamloops to Upper Clearwater in an attempt to live in a more healthy environment.

For three years now a dedicated, informed group of unfunded volunteers has worked to raise awareness about BC Hydro’s smart meter program and its far-reaching effects. They have persisted, in spite of very powerful wireless promotion and deflection from the Industry, and with very little acknowledgement from mainstream media or provincial government officials, to provide balance for the heavily funded advertisements and government backing for BC Hydro’s initiative.

Thanks go to Clearwater Times for any coverage offered in the past on this topic, which affects us all.

For those who have received Hydro’s ultimatum, to fail to respond in writing will be taken as implied consent. The following reputable website provides a valuable and time-sensitive letter template, as well as access to a growing amount of valuable, unfunded information and links to studies regarding smart meters.www.citizensforsafetechnology.org.

Petrina Gregson

Clearwater, B.C.