View from SD73: A spirit of innovation

As a first-term trustee, I am in awe of School District 73 and how much good news there is to share

“Working together, ordinary people can perform extraordinary feats.”

— B.J. Marshall


By Shelley Sim

As a first-term trustee, I am in awe of School District 73 and how much good news there is to share.

I have learned a vibrant classroom, school or district doesn’t just happen.

It is the result of diligent effort, extensive planning and the dedication of many people pulling together to deliver an extraordinary school experience to our children.

Over the course of this past year, it was an honour to listen to musical performances given by our youth.

I was impressed with the artistic talent showcased as part of young artists.

Some students had only just found an artistic passion, while others demonstrated a deep engagement to their work and were eloquent in describing what their art was expressing.

The students who came to the board office as part of Four Directions School left a memorable impression as they performed with enthusiastic vibrancy that left no one doubting they felt proud of their accomplishments.

Equally memorable was their teacher, who radiated with pride after their performances.

These are just a few of the many success stories in our district.

There are likely 100 more to tell, but the common thread is having teachers and administrators who believe in supporting our youth.

Teachers are beyond generous with their abilities and are constantly finding new ways to invigorate the classroom experience.

They also engage youth in extra-curricular opportunities.

Throughout the year, there were many examples of youth who were encouraged to try something new and supported by teachers, families and community.

Kids who, left to their thoughts, might have shied away from trying something new, were inspired by their teachers, encouraged by their family and community and eventually found their own stage on which to shine.

Working together, our district is constantly finding ways to enrich the minds and experiences of our students.

The opening of the NorKam Trades Centre is an excellent example of a district that had a vision.

It was a big goal that took years of perseverance, collaboration and teamwork — and the end result is an exceptional legacy.

Meeting the students involved in the program was a delight.

Their faces were shining as they described what it was like to really find their fit.

Change is a long conversation and our district is fortunate to have people who believe in working toward excellence no matter the challenges.

The one thing that consistently holds true is the people who work within the Kamloops-Thompson school district are committed to our youth.

I would like to extend my sincere appreciation to everyone who works within the school district.

Thank you to our many dedicated parents and community members who are invaluable sources of support.

There is a spirit of innovation that exists in our district and there is no doubt that when we lean in, our learning environments will be places of great inspiration.


– Shelley Sim represents the Clearwater-Blue River area on the School District 73 board of trustees.