Vavenby increases should be taken off the table

I would like to know where they see it fit to charge us more for less!

Editor’s Note: The following is an open letter from Vavenby resident Val Bellows:

Dear TNRD chairman, board of directors and senior staff,

It has been brought to my attention that the TNRD utilities committee is sending a recommendation to the board of directors that includes a 25 per cent increase to the Vavenby water rates, bringing the total to $50 per month effective July 1, 2015.

I wonder if this is true and, if so, I would like to know where they see it fit to charge us more for less!

I have had to purchase bottled water for 8+ years because of my compromised immune system. I have purchased this water all these years at my expense without requesting a refund from the TNRD.

However, I refuse to pay more than what we already pay for our water usage, as we are not getting any more usage.

As a matter of fact, we have been getting a lot less. We are on a continuous boil order, so even if I could drink our water, I can’t. And you want me to pay more?

In the summer, a good part of our irrigation is on hold. Conserve, conserve, conserve. I understand we need to have enough water in case of a fire (I have gone through a house fire, so completely understand the need) but we are asked on so many occasions, that I don’t even have the oomph to attempt gardening anymore, mostly just try to keep my grass green.

We are constantly repairing our aged system, so please, refrain from using your water until further notice.

The people from the TNRD who call during water disruptions are very friendly and have answers to most questions, but I am not even aware at this time if we are on a boil order or not.

It was called quite some time ago and I haven’t had a return call to cancel it.

I would like to know how to go about starting a petition to fight this increase and who we can contact to get this increase taken off the table.

Val Bellows


Vavenby, B.C.