Upper Clearwater residents asked to answer hall survey

The survey is concerning the Upper Clearwater Community Hall grant-in-aid

Editor, The Times:

On Feb. 22 the Thompson-Nicola Regional District sent out a survey to approximately 86 property owners of Upper Clearwater. If you own two or more properties, you will only receive one survey (not one survey for every property you own).

The survey is concerning the Upper Clearwater Community Hall grant-in-aid. We are doing this to get your opinion on whether you want the TNRD to carry out a vote (by petition) about the future of the grant-in-aid service.

The survey question is asking if you would like to eliminate the Upper Clearwater Community Hall grant-in-aid and only requires a yes or no answer.

We ask that all surveys be returned to the TNRD by noon on April 12 in the self-addressed stamped envelope.

Since 2005 the TNRD has collected $5,000 in taxes every year from property owners of Upper Clearwater and that amount has been given to Upper Clearwater Farmers Institute for the operation of the Upper Clearwater Community Hall.

In early 2015, a two question survey was distributed to property owners within the grant-in-aid service area to gauge the ongoing support for the funding.

The result of the first question on the survey was close with 30 of the 57 respondents supporting the collection of the tax in 2015.

The response to the second question on the survey was also close. Out of the three options, 30 of 57 respondents supported one or the other of the following two options:

1. discontinuing collection of the tax after 2015 but keeping the service in place and

2. holding a public assent process to eliminate the grant entirely.

Based on the close results to the 2015 survey questions, this follow-up survey is being conducted to decide what should happen to the grant-in-aid service into the future.

No individual results will be released. The survey results will only be viewed by the TNRD corporate officer for the compilation of the results. Please read the brochure enclosed with the survey for more information.

Any questions, please contact Carolyn Black at 250-377-8673 or 1-877-377-8673. You can also contact me at 250-674-7049, email director.cschaffer@tnrd.ca.

Thank you in advance for completing and returning the survey.

Carol Schaffer,


TNRD Area A director