Upper Clearwater Hall should pay its own way

Yes, fundraising does require work on the part of the members – but how much more satisfying to earn one's keep

Editor, The Times:

I am writing in response to Gloria Petre’s letter in the Jan. 28 issue (“Former Upper Clearwater resident asks for end to feuding about the hall”).

Gloria suggests it is a difference in opinion between old-timers and newcomers that is causing problems in the Upper Clearwater.

Not at all. There are just as many newcomers as old-timers who object to supporting the Upper Clearwater Farmers Institute. It has absolutely nothing to do with the length of time one has lived in the valley.

It has everything to do with being appalled at how badly people have been treated: verbal abuse, swearing, lack of respect, refusal to have democratic ballot voting, the list goes on and on.

The UCFI states they will be unable to operate the hall if the landowners of the Upper Clearwater stop paying taxes to support them. This is totally ludicrous. For pity’s sake, follow the example of the Clearwater groups who have halls – earn the funds to support your hall.

Yes, fundraising does require work on the part of the members – but how much more satisfying to earn one’s keep.

Remember how wonderful it felt to earn your first pay-cheque? I am sure it will feel equally wonderful to know that you are supporting yourselves – and to know that the rest of the valley is supporting causes to which they subscribe, not one they have been unfairly trapped into supporting.

Ellen Ferguson


Upper Clearwater, B.C.