Times to start charging for Internet editions

The next generation of electronic news coming soon to the Clearwater-North Thompson Times

Dear Reader,

Thank you for choosing the Clearwater-North Thompson Times as your trusted source of in-depth local news and information.

We are proud to bring you up-to-date coverage of news, sports and entertainment 24 hours a day, and have invested in our newsroom to be able to deliver the news in different ways.

Those investments ensure we can provide the information you need to be informed and to make decisions every day, and to deliver it in ways you want it, when you want it. Whether you are looking for the latest developments from City Hall, the score of a high school game, ideas for what to do this weekend, or places to shop, we know thousands of you rely on us each week.

Beginning April 23, we will introduce charges for digital subscriptions for those who do not subscribe to our print edition. In doing so, we join a growing number of newspaper companies across the country that have taken this step.

As with other papers that have begun charging for premium content online, we view this as an investment in the future so we can continue our mandate to offer a credible report of news, information and opinion. No organization can match the Clearwater-North Thompson Times’ breadth and depth of local news, and revenue derived from digital subscriptions will contribute to the ongoing investment in that mandate.

All subscribers to the Clearwater-North Thompson Times print edition will have access at no additional charge to all content at clearwatertimes.com.

All access entitles you to:

* Subscriber content online: At cleartwatertimes.com, you will be able to look at all stories, photos and videos, post comments on stories and read what others are saying.

* e-Edition: You will be able to access our new e-Edition – an exact replication of the printed newspaper.

We value every one of our readers and appreciate the trust you have placed in us. We look forward to serving you. If you have questions, please look at our guide to Frequently Asked Questions.

If you have further questions after reading that, please contact our customer service staff at helpdesk@blackpress.ca or 1-888-811-5627.

Al Kirkwood, publisher

Clearwater-North Thompson Times