This season … remember your loved ones

You can celebrate the life of your loved one(s) by purchasing a light of $10 in their memory or in their honor

Editor, The Times:

At Clearwater and District Hospice Society we understand how hard Christmas can be for those who have lost a loved one. This is why we  are having out first annual “Lights to Remember”.

The event will provide a way to remember all our loved ones during our Holiday Season. Our very special tree standing in the main foyer of the Clearwater Lodge, which we hope by Dec. 8 will be shining with thousands of lights sponsored by people like you and me. Each light shining in memory of a child, partner, relative or friend will be a bright reminder of the love and happiness they brought into our lives. Anyone can be remembered in this way and do not need to have been cared for by the hospice.

Demand for hospice care is ever increasing and sadly there will be many people in need of our services this coming year. We need your support to ensure they get the help they need. Your donation will mean a huge amount to them … so please join us by making a donation or sponsoring a light for your loved one and allow us to join you in remembering this Holiday Season.

You can celebrate the life of your loved one(s) by purchasing a light of $10 in their memory or in their honor. The card(s) with which you will write your loved ones name on will be available at the front desk of the Clearwater Lodge, Blue Loon Grill, Erica’s Emporium, Hospice members, or by calling 250-674-2700. You can also send in your donation of $10 with the name of your loved one, and we will write the name(s) for you. Lights will be on sale from Nov 1 – Dec 3.

“Lights to Remember” light up will take place on Sunday, Dec. 8,  at 4 p.m. in the foyer of the Clearwater Lodge. Live  Music will feature Sandy Crane and the Clearwater Strings, Presentation will be Anita Bazley and her company Neaters Creation Multimedia Presentations. Hot refreshments and cookies will be supplied.

For more information Please call Fay McCracken at 250-674-2700.

Fay McCracken

Clearwater and District Hospice Society




Editor’s Note: The Clearwater and District Hospice Society is separate from  the North Thompson Valley Hospice House Society and performs a different function. The first provides assistance to the dying and their families in the Clearwater area. The second hopes to build a hospice house facility to serve the North Thompson Valley.