The power of a common enemy

The power of a common enemy

Editor, The Times

Editor, The Times:

This pandemic has made almost everyone play nice, with a few notable exceptions, local, national, and international.

Why, we have Doug ford sounding like Tommy Douglas. Jason Kenney making sense for a change. Justin Trudeau showing backbone from isolation. Protesters, of whatever cause, staying home and the homeless finally getting some positive attention.

For most people, the threat of a common enemy changes their focus, if not their overall perspective. Even Donald Trump is occasionally sticking to his prepared speech for fear of losing this year’s election.

Internationally we had Russia and Saudi Arabia in an oil war. The two most corrupt nations on earth are depleting their oil reserves on an ever declining market.

If you are, as the song says, “Waiting for the world to change,” you are getting your wish courtesy of COVID-19. Hopefully, you’ll be healthy enough to enjoy it.

Wes Morden,

Blackpool, B.C.

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