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Stop for school buses with flashing lights

Respect the bus drivers and school children and their parents

Editor, The Times:

One thing happens every September without question: school starts.

With the start of school, something else happens on our roads. Some big orange things with wheels appear in the morning and in the afternoon. These things are called school buses.

Once in a while, they stop and let kids on or off. Sometimes, they pull over to do so and you can pass


However, quite often they have to stop right there and then. Yellow and red lights flash, and that means stop!

Drivers have to stop – not roll really slowly by the bus. Just stop!

On day six of the school year, the first driver this year at our bus stop decided not to acknowledge the big orange bus (it was the big one) and the red lights were flashing.

Maybe the driver just didn’t see the bus. I don’t know.

Maybe the driver didn't know he or she was supposed to stop.

I know people are always in a hurry these days and I know many people don’t even know the proper speed limits.

However, I do know that many years ago a child got killed at a bus stop. I don’t want that to happen ever again – not to my child or somebody else’s child.

So, please respect school buses and their drivers. Do respect the bus drivers and school children and their parents.

Stop when you see a school bus with flashing lights. Take the five seconds, take a deep breath and stop!

Irene Tinney

100 Mile House