Sometimes it’s difficult to shop local

Local resident doesn't get much cooperation from a local business

Editor, The Times:

I recently had cause to go to a local business to get work done for a specific job. The business in question specializes only in the work that I needed.

The person behind the counter asked what I needed. After explaining what was required and my willingness to pay for the work, I began getting the “list” of questions and comments.

“I’m not sure if we do that.” Then who is?

“I’d have to get someone to look at that first.” Long pause whereupon I ask if they want my address.

“I guess.” I give my address.

“Do you know how we could do this? I don’t understand.” Really? You’re in the business and you’re asking me?

We agreed that someone would come and look at the job and give a quote. I leave. All day, no visit and no phone call. I call again and ask is there a timeline on getting this quote or what? Then comes the answer, “No, not really, but so-and-so doesn’t want to touch that job.”

Great, must have too many customers. And some ask why we go elsewhere.

L. Borsa

Clearwater, B.C.