Solution needed to high cost of propane

I've been struggling with this propane problem for a number of years

Editor, The Times:

Its’ been 50 years since I had to sit down and write an essay or anything like this. That’s why it’s a little rough.

I’ve been struggling with this propane problem for a number of years. I went from renting a company tank in my backyard to owning my own, which got me nowhere.

I filled them all in October for 85 cents. By February, I decided to top them all up, until I heard the price, which stood at $1.15. I could not afford that nonsense.

A quick scout led me to Doug Borrow’s Super Save, where he maintained a reasonable price.

Thank you for getting me through the winter, Doug.

So far I’ve been a pensioner for about a year and I think it sucks.

I live right where this product comes of the ground but I struggle to keep my house warm. If you want a truckload, a train load, or a boat load, they will cut you a cheap deal.

Come on, Christy Clark, you’re letting the little guy fall through the cracks.

My parents drilled into my head: If you’re going to complain about something you should have some ideas on how to fix it.

I tell you what, I’m going to start with my old teacher and friend, John Harwood, and see if we can work towards to putting common sense on the right side of stupid – just like Christy did to win a provincial election.

Mick Downey


Clearwater, B.C.