Small town B.C. needs community development institute

Editor, The Times:

I would like to correct a misconception that I may have left you with the other night. As you are aware, researchers are dependent on project funding and when we last met it looked as if funding was drying up after September. With the support of the university, the vice-president research and the Canada Research Chair we can now report that funding has been secured for another year of operations.  While I am most often seen as the face of community research, UNBC as an institution has a strong commitment to our communities.

It is important to note that the Community Development Institute, as well as the Natural Resources and Environmental Studies Institute, the British Columbia Rural and Remote Health Research Institute, and the many research centres and our researchers are central to UNBC’s mandate as a research intensive university serving the research needs of our communities.  As outlined in UNBC’s strategic plan ( ) these institutes are an important piece of the research plan at UNBC.  The university continues to pursue funding opportunities to support research at UNBC, most notably through the New North Foundation.

Thank you and the people of Clearwater for your continued support of the Community Development institute and the University of Northern BC. My interactions with your community are always one of the highlights of my work. I look forward with anticipation to the next project we will undertake with the people of Clearwater.

Don Manson


Prince George