Shame on TNRD for decision to eliminate funding for volunteer fire brigades

Editor, The Times:

The headline on the story detailing the decision by the Thompson-Nicola Regional District to eliminate funding for volunteer fire brigades should have read “fire dumb.”

My husband and I are volunteer firefighters in the Paul Lake/Pinantan area and we spend hundreds of hours training and practicing in the event of a fire.

The small amount of money invested in radios, pumps, hoses, etc., goes a long way to providing fire protection and will certainly help prevent forest fires that would literally cost millions to curtail. Or does the TNRD board have a short memory when it comes to last summer’s wildfires in B.C.?

If liability is the concern, does that mean we should stop our donations to the Canadian Cancer Society or the Heart and Stroke Foundation because we would be liable if someone dies?

At least TNRD Area P director Mel Rothenburger understands the value of the many volunteer firefighters and brigades throughout the region, but shame on those on the TNRD board who voted against this funding.

Lynn Epp

Paul Lake, B.C.