Seib thanks community members for support

Former Clearwater RCMP detachment commander updates community on charges against him

Editor, The Times:

Since my case is all over the news again, I was hoping to send you a little info that will shed a little light on what happened. I can’t give a lot, but promise when this is all over I will submit a more in-depth article that will include an apology to those who were hurt through this.

My first appearance was first scheduled for Feb. 21. It was adjourned to May 23 as I was undergoing treatment at that time. On May 11 Crown decided to add an additional charge of Breach of Trust. The original Information was cancelled and a new Information was sworn.

The new Information is for one count of Theft Under $5000 as well as Breach of Trust. This is not a second charge of theft; it is simply relaying the original charge with the addition of the Breach. We had to adjourn the case today (May 23) as we have not yet received disclosure from Crown and it is impossible to proceed without it.

I feel it is important that it be known that on Jan. 6 I found myself in a medical crisis. I phoned the sergeant at the Merritt Detachment and reported to him what had happened. I provided a full statement to the RCMP, which gave them their case. I have fully cooperated since that time.

I am now doing much better. I would like to thank the many people of our community that sent in letters of reference to help us through this very stressful time.

Thanks very much, Keith.  Again, I will provide more after this is over. You can use the info above if you like.  Reword it as you see fit.

Stu Seib

Clearwater, B.C.