Seeking answers on abortion and assisted suicide

When does abortion become murder and where is the abortion data?

Editor, The Times:

The following is a letter (slightly edited) that I sent to M.P. Cathy McLeod on May 22. I have not yet received a reply.

Dear Mrs. McLeod

I am sending you two handouts from Evangelical Fellowship of Canada. I understand you have already received the Canada Watch “You Can Help the EFC Protect Life in Canada.” But perhaps you have not read the August 2012 Black Holes’ “Canada’s Missing Abortion Data” which has been thoroughly referenced.

We are all governed by two types of law – secular laws and moral law. Even though Mike Duffy was found not guilty of breaching secular law, it is clear to the Canadian public that he broke moral law. We also understand the word “mercy.”

A young couple had an abortion because the baby was growing in a tube in the mother’s body instead of her womb – thus threatening her and the baby’s life.

Page 3 of Black Holes reveals that abortion data in Canada is unreliable. “… that health care providers have said that thousands of abortions are simply not being recorded.” I ask you — at what point does mercy become murder?

What will prevent “assisted suicide” data from becoming unreliable? When does mercy killing become murder?

You are the only person in the House of Commons who can publicly ask for each of us who voted for you:

(a) when does abortion become murder and where is the abortion data?

(b) when does assisted suicide become murder and where is the assisted suicide data?

Men make secular laws and write them on paper. God writes his moral laws on our hearts. We know there are penalties for breaking his — and “no murder” is one of those laws. Are we so stupid to think that there will be no repercussions to a nation that allows its citizens to murder millions of its youngest and/or weakest citizens?

I would appreciate an answer to this letter.

Ursula Bond


Clearwater, B.C.