School Board unfair re: Dry Grad and BC Liquor

It is my understanding that the Dry Grad Fundraising campaign held each spring by the Liquor Distribution Branch allows BC Liquor Store customers to support Dry Grad celebrations in their communities.  The contributions by liquor store customers are added to funds raised by parents, students and teachers who work all year to raise funds for dry grad activities.  Last year the Barriere Liquor Store raised in excess of $3,800 yet because of an unfair School District 73 policy only $420 was paid to the Barriere Dry Grad committee.  This year the Barriere Liquor Store raised approximately $2,750 – a significant sum in a small community.

I do not see why these monies that are raised in rural liquor stores must be pooled with larger, more populated centers when those higher populations do not share any other fundraising monies with the rural schools.  Over the last three weeks I have been seeking clarification on this matter and quite frankly have been given the run around.  The School Board tells me their hands are tied and that the Liquor Distribution Branch is making the School Board pool all the stores in the district and distributes so much per student.  The Liquor Distribution Board has quoted me the agreement with School Board District 73 as they will not release a copy of such agreement and they say that School Board 73 has complete control of this money raised from BC Liquor Stores as long as it qualifies for Dry Grad activities.

School District 73 Policy 1121.1 states there be no restrictions expressed or implied by the donor as a condition of accepting a gift, sponsorship or donation.  If other Dry Grad fundraising activities are not pooled together at the District level, why is a small community like Barriere which has a disadvantage in fundraising because of its size not able to receive the majority of the $2,750 that was raised locally in Barriere this year?

I believe it’s time that the School Board act in good faith and allow smaller rural BC Liquor Stores to raise monies through their Dry Grad fundraiser specifically for those small communities and not for the higher populated areas.  What is raised locally should stay in the community.

J.E. (Ward) Stamer


Parent of Barriere 2011 Graduate

Barriere, B.C.