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Russia needs to be held accountable

Invasion of Ukraine akin to a bully on the playground
Local residents queue to receive food and humanitarian aid in Avdiivka, eastern Ukraine, Wednesday, Feb. 1, 2017. Freezing residents of an eastern Ukraine town battered by an upsurge in fighting between government troops and Russia-backed rebels flocked to a humanitarian aid center Wednesday to receive food and warm up. (AP Photo/Evgeniy Maloletka)

It’s hard to fathom what’s been going on in Ukraine.

In simple terms, it’s akin to a bully on the playground. Russia’s bizarre czar Vladimir Putin sees some toys; namely, real estate, that he doesn’t want the others in the democratic playground to enjoy so he’s trying to take them away by force. He’s flexing his muscle and wants the opposition side to say “uncle” and give in.

But that’s not happening and good for the Ukrainian people for standing their ground, although it always comes at a terrible price with the unnecessary loss of people and heavily damaged property.

But most of the good residents of Ukraine will tell you it’s better than simply surrendering without a battle and turning over their prized land to be ruled with an iron fist.

The whole scenario by its very nature is the true definition of a bully that we’re trying to make our young people understand just isn’t right.

We just came off Pink Shirt Day last week, an anti-bullying campaign that’s continually gathering steam among young people to stop this kind of hideous behaviour in the treatment of other human beings.

It’s ironic this action by the Russians is taking place when our mindset in this part of the world is directed toward a more civilized approach to society.

All we can hope is the sanction actions being taken by so many countries and the world-wide protests will produce some results. Hit them where it hurts, in the pocketbook.

It’s also ironic the invasion of Ukraine started right after the end of the Olympics when Russian athletes, who shouldn’t have been allowed to strut their stuff on the world stage due to previous doping scandals, basked in the glory of many medal victories.

It’s long been time for the world to get tough with Russia anyway since Putin came into power and this is just the triggering factor to unify against him. No more pandering. Russia has received far too many breaks in the past for its actions and we simply have to be ready to accept the economic implications we might face as a result.

It’s better than continuing to give Putin carte blanche, but the senseless loss of life in this war (sorry, campaign or military exercise is what the Kremlin wants us to call it) is sickening.

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Don Bodger

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