Roundabout is going to be beautiful

I am in favor of the double-lane roundabout. I have seen them working successfully in many places that we have traveled

Editor, The Times:

I am writing this public letter to express my congratulations to the mayor and District council for the great job they are doing in managing our town. We have seen tremendous positive changes since we incorporated, including the well-kept green spaces plus the lovely parks and playgrounds, especially Dutch Lake Park. It feels like this place is beginning to move forward.

I congratulate those businesses and private property owners who do take the time to make their properties a pleasure to visit and to view. It gives one reason to hope. As council moves forward I believe that our town will begin to develop the beauty that its surroundings demand.

I congratulate the Ministry of Highways for taking the concerns of the intersection of Highway 5 and Clearwater Valley Road seriously. Safety is of course the first concern and there can be no argument about that. Traffic flow is another concern and that is valid.

I am in favor of the double-lane roundabout. I have seen them working successfully in many places that we have traveled.

Professional truckers have no problem with them, tourists won’t have problems because they are used to them and the locals will figure them out quickly.

Roundabouts are now being used all over the province instead of lights.

I ask you to think about what the aesthetics of the roundabout will bring to our town – a lovely monument of rock and steel, celebrating Clearwater as the Gateway to Wells Gray Park. I am so excited about that!

As a member of the society that manages the Wells Gray Information Center I can tell you that not everyone who drives through our town knows what we have to offer. We have many people who come into the center and ask, “What is here? What is there to do?”

I wonder how many people just drive on through thinking that there is nothing more that a few restaurants, hotels and a gas station.

Our highway presence isn’t really too appealing, despite the efforts of some.

It’s time for a change and time to move ahead.

Clearwater has challenges because of its layout. We need to present a pretty face to those who pass through our town. We have people from around the world coming to visit our park and to spend their money in our town. Let’s celebrate the beauty of it all.

So I stand in full support of what the experts are planning to build. I fully support our past and present council and I thank Terry Lake for bringing this project to our town. It is going to be so beautiful. Relax, breath, it’s going to be fine…

Sam Willan


Clearwater, B.C.