Right wing think tanks continue corporate agenda

Can someone tell me why are we being subjected to the ramblings of those far-right fruitcakes?

Editor, The Times:

Can someone tell me why, in 2013, when so-called free market capitalism has proven a big bust, are we being subjected to the ramblings of those far-right fruitcakes from the Fraser Institute?

This is as if, a week after the fall of the Berlin Wall, a great cascade of Marxist propaganda was showered upon us.

Short term pain for long term gain? Hah! With this giant Moloch of failed capitalism swallowing everything, good wages and working conditions, the environment, proper banking regulations, you name it, there’s long term pain way into the future!

Of course, if that gang of Fraser, Frontier, Macdonald-Laurier ‘think tanks’ won’t suffer. With their whorish behaviour, as Matt Taibbi of Rolling Stone would describe it, corporate Canada will keep pouring the funds into their coffers.

Not just Korporate Kanada! Just recently the Koch brothers gave one half a million dollars to the Fraser Institute. This, with that school at Bountiful, where my 100 children from my 40 underaged wives attend, being the finest in B.C., perhaps all of Canada.

One has to ask here how can anyone give the Fraser Institute any credibility whatsoever?

Speaking about Karl Marx, recently he has enjoyed a certain renaissance. Turns out, although short on financial solutions, Marx was spot on about capitalism, including its strengths and weaknesses.

And we would learn a lot more if our corporate media didn’t see its duty to cover for Stephen Harper and the clapped-out capitalism he represents.

Read Karl Marx’s Das Capital. You’ll learn something.

Dennis Peacock


Clearwater B.C.