Retirees have choice of working

Where do our NDP MP's find the people crying 'victim' all the time?

Editor, The Times:

I ran into an old colleague….

I learned that flight attendants no longer have a set retirement age. As a matter of fact there are now a number of retirees who will come out of retirement and return to active duty. I used to work with two of those mentioned. Both are now 70 years old. Both will probably run circles around some much younger colleagues and you would enjoy being in their care.

When the Harper government introduced a change in retirement age from 65 to 67 by 2020 I was thinking of all these people who are now happy about the change. Those who are not can still take early retirement. Besides them I know many others, way past 70, who still enjoy going to work selling insurance, managing property and doing other work that gave them pleasure all along. There are also those who may be bored with their jobs, but fit enough to keep playing tennis..

Where do our NDP MP’s find the people crying ‘victim’ all the time?

Ziggy Eckardt

Burnaby, B.C.