Remember you have a voice and right to speak

That was my platform in a nutshell. More community involvement.

Editor, The Times:

Life goes by quickly and before you know it many Canadian freedoms and socialistic views have disappeared. This last week alone our federal government dismantled years of work that benefits Canadian people, leaving the doors open for multinational companies and military groups to rule.

How will M.P. Cathy McLeod sleep at night when she realizes that she was the only one we had to count on to vote for the people and she chose to go with the demands of the party line? It is sad.

Still, we are the people and we have a voice.  Just like all the citizens of the world, we can rise up together and speak to the way our future is shaped.  The ‘occupy’ movement is about dissatisfaction. The ‘buy local’ movement is also about taking back our power. It is not too late to realize that every dollar you spend is a vote for something. Make it count.

You count. Never forget that you have a voice and you can exercise your right to speak.

Thank you to every one who voted for me in the election. Forty per cent of the people who came out to vote wanted more committees – more opportunities to voice their opinion. That was my platform in a nutshell. More community involvement.

Please attend the meetings – the Wells Gray Country services committee and District of Clearwater meetings are open to the public. Attend. It is written in the Economic Development Plan for the Clearwater Area. It is the reason for sector representation on Tourism Wells Gray. Community involvement is the only way to have your voice heard. Know that there is opportunity, still, to speak up.

Make it a New Year’s resolution.

Cheryl Thomas

Clearwater, B.C.