Reflections on “The Donald”

Reflections on “The Donald”

Editor, The Times

Editor, The Times:

I am amazed by the striking resemblance of Donald Trump and the Godfather as portrayed in the movie of the same name. In fact “The Donald” runs the U.S. government much the same as “Don” Corleone, but without the class and humanity displayed by the movie “Don”.

Trump cannot abide criticism and will politically assassinate anyone, friend or foe, who dares to challenge him. The terms fake and corruption apply to the man and his administration.

Broadway Review amazes

The sad thing is that his willingness to use any means in his 2020 campaign could well end up in a second term for this man.

Trump is not a stupid man, he’s as paranoid as Joseph Stalin, as clever as Adolph Hitler in his use of the media, and as bellicose as Benito Mussolini and as cowardly as the lion in Wizard of Oz.

A second term for Trump could result in an uncivil was between the red and blue states, a war in which we Canadians would be drawn.

On that happy note, hoping that I am dead wrong of course, I bid you farewell till I can find another pen that works.

Wes Morden,

Blackpool, B.C.

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