Reflecting on the Moose Hide campaign

Reflecting on the Moose Hide campaign

On Feb 15 several of the men is this community gathered together to talk about violence

Editor, The Times:

Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus. When I read this book out loud to my husband many years ago, I got to thinking about how ‘different’ we are.

Recently I read another book: Love and Respect – the authors of both these books were distinguishing between man and woman – how we think, how we re-act and how we act.

How we support each other; how we grow as couples, family members, community members. How each of us has the ability to make choices in each instance as to how we act or re-act in any given situation.

Much can be considered – learned and unlearned – from reading these types of authors opinions on the topic of ways humans respect or love others.

On Feb 15 several of the men in this community gathered together to talk about a very prevalent subject – that being the subject of violence. In that particular case they were conversing in conjunction with the Moose Hide Campaign, a campaign in which men are speaking out against violence .

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That afternoon of presentations, conversations and sharing of a feast was supported by many community organizations and individuals of influence, for which I am grateful.

My comments could be many: from noticing who were the supporters to who took the time to organize the event, to who took the time to attend and who stood up to share their thoughts.

Mostly though – I totally respect and appreciate all who spoke into the subject; to those who shared some small part of their ‘story’ with those present.

I wonder how many people take the time to look around ourselves and notice the many examples of ‘violence’, and conversely the many examples of ‘love’ – in all the many and varied forms that these words can be expressed, in their everyday lives.

Some days I wonder how each individual evaluates the age old thought of not treating others as we are treated but rather as we want to be treated.

Just wanted to share these thoughts.

Cheryl Thomas

Clearwater, B.C.