Redo the math with federal and provincial gas taxes

But alas we never forget the days of fuel being cheaper than today, but tend to forget when fuel was more expensive

Editor, The Times:

Re: Letter to the editor, “Big difference at the pumps,” Dec. 5 issue.

I write this letter with mixed emotions, both anger and disgust due to the fact that there are people out there who fail to educate themselves before making accusations.

It actually sickens me to think that a well-respected businessperson of this community would be so bold as to make such comments towards other businesspeople. I am sure that other businesspeople would agree, if asked, that no one likes anyone making derogatory remarks regarding their business.

I did do the math on your supposed calculation of per liter pricing when converting from U.S. gallons (which is 3.78 l) but … you forgot to add in the provincial fuel tax, the federal excise tax, the HST and the freight (they have to add freight because of fuel costs). Now … let’s redo the math.

It is sad that some people can’t afford to do extracurricular activities due to the gas prices, but you could help these people out by bringing back those gas jugs of fuel you got from Kamloops and sell it to them. You figure that by putting six five-gallon jugs in your truck and going to Kamloops to fill up saves you $50. But how much does it cost in fuel to drive 250 km to Kamloops and back?

Now, let’s redo the math.

Gas pricing does hurt; it always has, but let’s get back to reality here. Everything is expensive, but do we really have the time to drive around looking for deals? Gosh no, not with the price of fuel nowadays!

If anyone (including all the coffee shop professors) would like to try and tackle the fuel pricing problem, all the power to you.

Anyone who is willing to bring their checkbook and buy a load of fuel (which by the way is approximately 40,000 l) I am willing to let you sell it for the price you believe it should be. You will have to pay the employees but I am willing to deal with your overhead! That’s electricity, repairs on the pumps, point-of-sale fees, etc.

But alas we never forget the days of fuel being cheaper than today, but tend to forget when fuel was more expensive, like back in June 2008. What! 1.43 per liter! So much for extracurricular activities back then. Let me think. That must have been the year that all the businesspeople made all that extra money “padding their bottom line” at their gas stations. (This is a very serious accusation. Be careful.)

P.S. I would like to thank all of the employees who have put up with the disrespectful people regarding this situation and also thank all of the customers who have stood behind the local businesses.

Doug Borrow

Clearwater, B.C.