Rambling Man wishes editor well on his retirement

Rambling Man wishes editor well on his retirement

Lamberton and McNeill might agree on something – kitchen sinks

Editor, The Times:

Well, well, well! This is the end of an era that goes back many years. When I was still in real estate, our editor wrote the editorials describing my new listings, calling them “Jim’s Pick of the Week”.

We always joked about Keith’s favorite catch phrase, “Large country kitchen with a window over the sink so you can look out while doing the dishes”.

No kitchen window? The whole article would be crap!

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In later years, Keith and I did a lot of bantering back and forth about several topics.

I remember one editorial where Keith said, “All I have to do is mention ‘global warming’ or ‘roundabout’ and I’m sure to get a letter from Jim Lamberton!”

Well, Keith, this is not the end of the book, just the end of a chapter. I hope the next few chapters are filled with nothing but joy for you.

I sincerely wish you all the best. Maybe several years from now you’ll look back through your chapters and be able to say, “Damn it, the Rambling Man was right!”.

Jim Lamberton

The Rambling Man

Clearwater, B. C.