Rambling man questions letter editing

Even if the construction contract has already been awarded, it can still be cancelled

Editor, The Times

Re: Rambling man returns to roundabout debate

I’ll take this opportunity to thank our editor for printing HIS version of my letter. I was prepared to “cut him some slack” because of the length of the letter, until I noticed that he also added to it. I don’t think that is kosher. The upshot is that the unadulterated version went to Terry Lake and Christie Clark, and all future letters pertaining to the roundabout will also be going there.

Terry Lake’s last writeup regarding the roundabout stated that with the number of signatures against the roundabout, he was prepared to re-look at the decision to proceed with the project. However, he didn’t know if the decision could be changed at this point in time. I say it can! Even if the construction contract has already been awarded, it can still be cancelled. Sure as hell, it wouldn’t be the first government contract cancelled by the Liberal government! It could still save the taxpayers close to a million dollars.

Here is a prime example of how bad this decision is. In the spring of the year when Clearwater was incorporated, the Department of Highways did a repaving project of Highway 5 from Blackpool to Raft River, and most of the streets in Clearwater. The large billboard said “Your Tax Dollars at Work” and “Cost, Two Million Dollars”. Now the “overzealous few” want to spend that on one intersection to enhance the entryway to Wells Grey Park. If in fact this was about safety, I’d be all for it, but it is not. If you think it is, show me the facts pertaining to this particular intersection to back it up.

The large-truck traffic on Highway 5 has been increasing dramatically every year. There are several sections that have had repeated fatalities, and that is where our tax dollars should be spent.

The construction involved in changing water and sewer lines has made the intersection a pedestrian nightmare. From the crosswalk, there is an unplowed, tramped path onto Jim’s vacant lot. The road no longer has a shoulder, just a four-foot ditch. To cross that intersection and walk up Clearwater Valley Road, you almost have to walk in the lane of oncoming traffic. If something isn’t done about this situation soon, there are bound to be injuries.

Jim Lamberton

The Rambling Man

Clearwater, B.C.