Rambling Man questions global warming petition

Enough of the warm fuzzies. It’s time to get back to the subject in hand

Editor, The Times

Congratulations to the Times and to our editor for winning first place for the best editorial page. I wish that I could be in the audience at your gala, Keith.  I would love to stand and take a bow when you accept your award and say, “A special thank you to the Rambling Man’s letters to the editor, which helped make all of this possible!”

Enough of the warm fuzzies. It’s time to get back to the subject in hand: your global warming petition. I once said in a previous letter to the editor that I wasn’t a mathematician. However, judging by your figures, it’s very obvious that you aren’t either!

It shouldn’t be hard to get signatures on your petition if you are promising that every adult in Canada will receive $1000. I think that is almost a fraudulent statement. Let’s take off your rose-coloured glasses and look at reality.

If it looks too good to be true, that’s because it is too good to be true. Ten per cent will receive 150 per cent more than they pay. Sixty-six per cent will break even or receive more than they pay. That means that 24 per cent of adults in Canada will pay over $20 billion per year.

Now tell me how this will reduce the use of fossil fuels. Just for the record, James Hansen is, in your opinion, one of the leading climate scientists in the world!

I assume that this so-called “Citizens’ Climate Lobby – Canada” is a non-profit lobby group that is going to Ottawa on June 2. The questions I ask are:  Are any of the travel expenses paid for by government grants or tax write-offs? What is the carbon footprint of all these lobbyist expenses?

This is the second time in approximately a year that your lobby group went to Ottawa. On the last trip, you had a brief meeting with our M.P. and our Senator. I think it would have been a lot more productive to see them in Kamloops! A five minute meeting in a hallway with Nancy Green Raine in Ottawa? A couple of bottles of good French (or Canadian) wine and you could have talked half the night at Sun Peaks!

Good luck with peddling your butt 450 km. from Toronto to Ottawa.  I guess the highs of receiving your award in Toronto will be dampened by the lows of butt blisters in Ottawa. When you get to Parliament Hill, remember that Christ wasn’t born in Canada because they couldn’t find three wise men from the east!

Jim Lamberton

The Rambling Man

Blackpool, B.C.