Rambling Man clarifies editor’s comments

I have to take this opportunity to thank our editor for finally printing my letter au naturel, with no butchering

Editor, The Times:

Re: Roundabout Comment String was a Worthwhile Endeavour

I have to take this opportunity to thank our editor for finally printing my letter au naturel, with no butchering. Judging from your last editorial, I think I must have struck a nerve because your editorial definitely is not boring. Unfortunately, Captain Keith has donned his sailor hat and the ship of fools is embarking on a new excursion.

Let’s clarify a few of your comments, Keith.

“Clearwater mayor and council have gone on record as being in favor of the roundabout.” Clearwater’s council is also on record as saying they chose the roundabout because MOTI no longer installs lights at numbered highway intersections. MOTI says yes they do. This tells me the decision by mayor and council was made under false pretences.

“We can expect to see more roundabouts at intersections such as the Halston Connector and the turnoff to the Red Bridge in Kamloops.” Keith, if I wrote that statement, you would delete it if I didn’t have proof to back it up. So, Keith, where is the proof?

“It’s too bad the North Thompson Driving School no longer trains long distance truckers in Clearwater. They would find themselves in demand as truckers from all over B.C. would line up to learn a new skill”. Sorry my friend but I think you just opened a huge can of worms! It seems you and many other people think a driver needs a doctorate in driving to be able to negotiate a roundabout. One previous writer said,” It’s okay, be calm, everything will be all right.” These are the people who need to ride with a logging truck driver on a road that has a 20 per cent grade and 20 switchbacks in 10 kilometres, and then tell them they need to learn a new skill.

Sharon Chaytor posted cost comparisons between building roundabouts and intersections with stop lights. At Highway 5 and Clearwater Valley Rd., you don’t have to build an intersection. It’s already there, with a light included. No expropriating land and no moving sewer or water are needed. Just change the lens to red from yellow. “It’s just that easy!” Thanks, Shell Busey.

Number 4 in your article on social media: “Pedestrians only have to cross one direction of traffic at a time, which makes it a lot safer for them.” Great! No more walking to the intersection. Jay walking is a lot safer.

At a time when the Liberal government is spending $l5 million on media ads to tell the taxpayers how well they are managing our money, I find it impossible to comprehend how they would suggest spending $2 million of taxpayers’ money on a photo op! Make no mistake; that’s all this is!

Jim Lamberton

The Rambling Man


Clearwater, B.C.