Questions on BC Hydro’s small scale hydro projects

BC Hydro has to pay more for the power that they produce than they can sell it for!

Editor, The Times:

Yet another small scale hydro project proposed, this time for Mud Creek east of Blue River.

These small scale hydro projects are taking on a resemblance to Albert Einstein’s definition of insanity: “Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.”

What is the purpose of these projects? BC Hydro has to pay more for the power that they produce than they can sell it for!

Also, a number of these projects have had a negative effect on salmon stocks and other habitat concerns.

My daughter, who for some years worked as a house cleaner on a barge for workers on a ‘run of the river’ project, told me how blatant the disregard was for environmental concerns and the ‘cost plus’ aspects of the whole project.

Dave Charbonneau, writing in the now defunct Kamloops Daily News, pointed out that this whole approach by BC Hydro meant no more major hydro projects (and now there’s site C?) — get it all from small hydro projects.

It was, as Charbonneau stated, done on an ideological basis (when oh when is the Right going to learn, as the Left had to, that things done on an ideological basis seldom turn out well?).

My colleague Dave Simms wrote a letter published simultaneously in the Times and the Kamloops Daily News pointing out in detail just how negative this run of the river nonsense really was. Published just before the last provincial election, Dave’s message had unfortunately little effect.

Last but not least, I quote from one of Rafe Mair’s latest columns — Hydro was fine until Campbell took over.

And now the controversial Site C going ahead.

Albert Einstein would shake his head in wonder.

Dennis Peacock


Clearwater, B.C.