Prospecting supports B.C.’s economy

Explorers and miners from all over B.C. will meet in Terrace for the annual Minerals North Conference

Editor, The Times:

On April 24, explorers and miners from all over B.C. will meet in Terrace for the annual Minerals North Conference. It’s an opportunity to get the word out that prospectors exploring the B.C. frontier can once again dream and believe that an idea combined with a little risk, some hard work, and maybe a dash of luck could pay off. It’s this reality that has brought investors, geologists, risk-takers and entrepreneurs back to British Columbia in recent years.

Prospecting and exploration in B.C. result in economic activity that supports small business, First Nations, you, me, and our families, by creating safe jobs and helping drive BC’s economy forward. That’s why we cannot afford to send a message to risk-takers that would have them look for more fertile ground elsewhere.

Unfortunately, there are those in this province who want to load up one side of the scales so that we lose the balance that has been moving exploration and our economy forward. We need to ensure that B.C. is a place where people can still dare to dream and believe that their exploration efforts can be fruitful.

Yes, we have to explore and open mines with care, but the safeguards, proper permitting and environmental checks and balances are all in place. So, let’s continue to focus on our future and maintain the balance that has encouraged investors, entrepreneurs, planners and geologists alike to stay in BC and help grow our province for future generations.

Christopher Law

Port Moody, B.C.