Politicians receive same offer

Blue River resort owner clarifies hospitality question

Editor, The Times:

Thank you for covering the TNRD election and helping to set up the candidates’ debate.

I note that Max Lentz was questioned on free accommodations. I would like to assure you that all politicians and representatives have received the same offer and have taken advantage of that offer, including ministers, politicians and representatives. This would include the prior TNRD representative, who has also taken numerous dinners.

Director Lentz did not receive any extra privileges than any others in the past. We have always offered our hospitality in order to help Blue River grow and prosper. How else are you going to get politicians and decision makers to come here and make a difference? We are remote and isolated.

Mike Wiegele

Blue River, B.C.


Editor’s Note: Steve Quinn, the former TNRD representative for Thompson Headwaters (Area B) said that while he did accept several free dinners at the resort while he was in office, they were all part of ceremonies or events that he had been invited to attend in order to give a speech or perform some other function.