Clearwater Times editorial by Stephanie Hagenaars

Not the time for federal vote

There’s many things going on that should be of primary concern

There are three likely scenarios for the Sept. 20 federal election: the Liberals win a majority, the Liberals retain a minority or the Progressive Conservatives attain a minority.

In two of those situations, it’s likely Liberal leader Justin Trudeau will be resigning or be asked to step down by the party. The only way he’s going to keep his job is if the Liberals manage enough seats to form a majority government.

The way things are shaping up in the early days of the campaign, it’s looking like we might wind up exactly where we started with a Liberal minority. If that ends up being the case and Trudeau puts us through an election for nothing, the calls for him to vacate his post as Prime Minister are sure to be loud and clear.

It’s a big gamble on Trudeau’s part to call this election. He still has several scandalous items like SNC-Lavalin and the WE Charity hanging over his head that he seems to think we’ll all just forget about them.

It’s quite apparent since he called the snap election that Trudeau is running again on his Hollywood style actor rock star image rather than politician persona as the way to generate the most votes among the younger electorate.

It’s worked before but even younger people are becoming wary of his shtick, especially since we’ve already had six years of him in office. If he gets another term with a majority, that means 10 years of him leading the government and that’s just unheard of in this day and age.

The United States, of course, only allows presidents to sit for two terms and a total of eight years by comparison.

It’s only been two years since our last federal election in Canada and people are tired of going to the polls so often when you also factor in the municipal and provincial elections.

And there’s a lot going on right now that makes you think this election call is most misguided. COVID concerns, Afghanistan, climate change, the opioid crisis and homelessness are all in need of some serious action before voting early.

Maybe Trudeau thinks his time is limited and it’s now or never for one last hurrah in office.

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